Have you ever wondered what the ideal dance class is like? or maybe you're looking for a school to learn to dance and wonder what aspects you should consider?

It is important that we give the necessary importance to quality in order to learn to dance properly.

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In addition to the warm-up, the technical part and the stretching after class, there is the social part, the practice in dance halls and party halls, the group activities, etc.

In addition to all this, class facilities must have sufficient space, a mirror, no excess of people in each class, a similar level to learn all at once, and teachers who make individual corrections for each student. It is also essential that the dance class be fun.



What's most important to you in your dance class?

The distance from home or your workplace to dance school, the teacher? To help you get to know the ideal dance class, we will look at all the factors that can influence you.

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Choose the perfect dance class for you


The following factors influence the choice of your perfect dance class

Proximity influences whether you are a busy person with many tasks to attend to every day. You have to analyze your time well. Ideally, you should choose salsa lessons, bachata classes or any other dance you would like to learn and practice based on other parameters and not the distance from the facilities. But it's also true that if classes catch you far away, no matter how good they are, you run the risk of skipping class more and more and ending up dropping out.
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The subject of timetables is similar to that of proximity. It's about you being able to attend classes with a certain comfort, within your time availability, without being late, missing things already explained and ending up abandoning.
Has it ever occurred to you that the distance and timetables of a dance school did not suit your work, other activities, etc.? Comment on the comments in the post and what you did to overcome this small challenge.

The classes you have chosen to learn how to dance should have different levels. In your beginnings you have to integrate yourself into a level of initiation. If you let yourself be carried away by a friend with whom you have started classes, a schedule that suits you best, or other reasons, make you choose a more advanced level, your progress will not be adequate.

The best thing is to consult the teacher, and even take a placement test with him/her, to find out which group of classes you would best integrate with.

The price of your dance class should also be assessed. There are many options. The most common thing is that the dance classes have an hour or an hour and a half per week in one day. But there are also schools and academies that offer two one-hour classes on different days.
You can make a price and minutes per month comparison between different schools or dance classes. You also need to evaluate whether the monthly fee is fixed or variable, whether the holidays on which classes are suspended are made up afterwards, etc.

One issue that may interest you, especially if you don't have too much time, is the days you're missing. In other words, you will find academies where the fixed monthly fee is irrecoverable, and others where you are deducted from that fee on the days you miss, or you can pay each class separately instead of the monthly fee, etc.

We at go&dance believe that the perfect formula for learning to dance is to learn to dance with a teacher.


The professor thing. Another very important subject. In order to find the one that best suits your needs, you can inquire into their curricula vitae, their experience, references of other places where they have taught the classes, if they have a degree, etc.

The dance school facilities also have to be considered. It is important that you have adequate air conditioning, among other things because dancing makes you sweat and raises the temperature of the dance space. The mirrors have to be big enough for you to look good doing figures and exercises.

Soil is also a determining variable. Choose a pallet or parquet floor that is not too hard. That way you'll get less tired and your ankles, knees and hips won't suffer as much.

Another important issue is the lighting, that the space for the dance is well illuminated, as well as a good sound equipment, the existence of toilets, changing rooms, showers, etc..
You can go to your dance class individually or as a couple. But there are schools where more girls than boys make it difficult, in practice, to dance all the time (especially if you are a girl).
In this sense, you will find schools where they only take you in if you go with a partner, or else they offer a second free class to the boys to facilitate the pairings, they make rotations so that everyone dances with all, or the girls have to "play as a boy" some time or other, with the consequent confusion for them of movements, etc...

The kind of test. There are also schools that allow you to receive the first free trial class, and in other cases it can only be paid for. Generally, if you don't get the free first class, at least you'll be able to watch it unfold.
What is your experience in choosing a perfect dance class?
You must have felt identified with these points to choose the perfect dance class for you, because you considered them at the time, or because right now you are looking for a place to learn to dance. What do you think of all this? What is your experience? We would like to know how you have done in the comments of the post.

comment on your experience to choose a perfect dance class

Have you ever wondered what the ideal dance class is like? Or perhaps you are looking for a school to learn to dance and wondering what aspects you should consider?

It is important that we give the necessary importance to quality to learn to dance properly.