As we know, salsa dancing and dancing in general brings many benefits for all kinds of people and can be very addictive.

Many people have given up smoking thanks to dancing, lost those extra kilos and even found the love of their lives.

And there are also many cases of people who, by integrating dance into their lives, have changed it for the better.

How to find out our passion?

When it comes to knowing what our passions are, what we really like, what makes us feel full, the first thing we need to know is that not everything we are passionate about is related to the professional aspect.

In many cases, there are people who have loved dancing since childhood. They dance to all the music they listen to, and they do it naturally and passionately. The other option is to discover new things, which we don't seem to like very much, but when we try them we get hooked. As it could be, salsa dancing.

If we thought we weren't great dancers, but when we've tried dancing we can't stop doing it... Dancing salsa is one of those things you have to find out, and be careful that it hooks!


11 tests to see if we're hooked on salsa and dancing

The best thing to know if you are hooked on salsa and dancing in general is to ask yourself a series of questions, which could be a kind of test.

If you are identified with most of the following actions, don't doubt that you are hooked on salsa and dancing. If that's not the case, don't worry, keep practicing and having fun and you'll end up getting hooked.

  • When you were little or little, did you dream of dancing, or were you always dancing? It's an obvious sign that you feel the dance, innate.
  • If you have a habit of dancing at home while watching videos on the net (youtube), it's another clear sign that dancing and salsa are an important part of your life, and you can't go without it.
  • When you enjoy watching pictures of dancers, don't miss a contest or dance show on TV, or themed movies, it's another sign that your world is salsa and dancing.
  • In case you have doubts about your "hitch" to dancing and everything related to salsa, ask your friends and family who think about your relationship with the dance, to those who know you very well, it will provide the solution to your question.
  • Another issue you can analyze is self-evaluation. Do you feel fulfilled when you dance salsa?
  • If you search your mobile phone for the videos you have, you'll know if you're really into salsa. If you have a lot of them, and check them from time to time, there's the obvious proof.
  • The forums, social networks and specialized groups will also provide you with information about your greater or lesser interest in the world of dance. Are you in Facebook groups, specialized forums on salsa and dance? Are you part of "salsa groups" in Whatsapp?
  • If your profession or job doesn't motivate you enough, and you spend the day wishing for dance classes, or going salsa dancing in that place where you enjoy so much, don't be in any doubt that you have made dancing salsa a wonderful way of life.
  • You may also wonder how often you dance salsa, or what was the last time you remember dancing. Depending on the frequency with which you dance, or the length of time, elapsed since the last time you danced salsa, so will be the implication you have with it.
  • When you buy clothes or shoes, are you thinking about the usefulness of salsa dancing? Comfortable clothes, which are eye-catching for dancing, the right shoes to move with dynamism and comfort, etc. If so, if you think about the use of dancing clothes and shoes that you buy, you are very attached to salsa dancing. Congratulations!
  • Analyzing your friendships, you will also find out if you are more likely to meet your usual friends, if you make more "dancing" appointments with your classmates, if you prefer to go to other types of leisure activities, or if you enjoy dancing more when you go dancing, etc.

Are you hooked on salsa dancing?

In any person there can be a dancer waiting for the moment to go out, dancing demonstrating our personality and feeling much better. Discover by performing these tests your passion for dancing. And don't stop dancing salsa!

If you've answered "yes" to most of them, I must say that you are hooked on salsa like me.

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¿Estás enganchado a bailar salsa?

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