Have you ever thought about all the little decisions you make when you want to go dancing?

5 years ago I started dancing salsa and bachata and I since then I love social dancing.

Social dance is that dance that allows you to go somewhere, be able to start dancing with a stranger, understand you both perfectly well and have incredibly fun.

The world of dance is like that, and I just love it!

And you, what do you think?

The fact is that when I go dancing several things happen in my head and I make small decisions and I am sure you have thought any of these 3 things before going to dance salsa, bachata or any other social dance.

1. Who do I go to dance with?

Surely you have made several friends in this world, perhaps you have a partner or perhaps neither can go out or they do not feel like dancing tonight.

But you want to go dancing, and what do you do?

You start writing in all Whatsapp groups, Facebook or you choose to write one by one trying to convince friends I gushed, am I right?

I do it!

2. Where do I go dancing today?

This is another of the great dilemmas.

Surely you have your favorite place to go dancing every day, or you may not have it yet but you are discovering new ballrooms to go dancing, right?

In any case, if you want to see what they do tonight or want to discover new places to go dancing, the opinions of other people who value their favorite places can help you decide where to go dancing today.

Do you have an ideal place for dancing and yet you have not added your opinion?

Look for it in the list of ballrooms and add your opinion. You will help many others to discover your favorite spot.

3. What should I wear to go dancing tonight?

This is another of the three decisions you always make before to go dancing.

You say to yourself, today I will wear something dark in case I dance a lot and sweat. Or maybe I will wear something cooler, tight or maybe more elegant.

Perhaps you say, I will wear my new pair of shoes that hurt me or use the old but not hit me. (This is what always says a friend of mine).

The truth is that there are people for everything. And the good of social dancing among other things is this; you can be dressed like you want because what is truly important is dancing.

So we encourage you to continue dancing, valuing your local favorites in go&dance and keep taking these 3 small decisions each time you go dancing.

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PD1: If you make other decisions regularly and I have not mentioned them, tell us in the comments of this post, please.

PD2: Remember that you can give your opinion of your preferred local dance in order to help others decide where to go dancing.

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