The winter ends and the sun returns to allow us to leave without the restraints of the coat. The brightness of a clear day makes us forget how limited cold and rain can be. The time has come to take advantage of the street.

And with the good weather, it's time to ask ourselves, what can we do to take advantage of the good weather?

Next, we'll show you lots of ideas for enjoying that sunny day off. But there is one activity that is highly recommended, fun and healthy: dancing. Dancing will transform a monotonous and boring day into a few moments of assured fun. If you haven't danced yet, sign up for dance classes now.

Do you have a pad handy to point? The time has come to enjoy a wonderful day. Let's get started!

#1. Gincana: Compete with your old outdoor friends

Open-air play competitions are no longer just for children and young children. Today there are many plans that you can hire to organize good group disputes, outdoors. Invite your friends and have a great time.


#2. Carnivore? Offer a barbecue!

If you have an outdoor or beach house, a great option is to literally put meat on the grill. Organize a family lunch full of meat and chicken, cooked by yourself in your backyard and with the company of a good beer.

#3. Parkourt Practice

Going to the gym isn't the only way you can exercise. If you are in the middle of a sunny day, a great alternative will be to do exercises with every structure you find yourself in your path. With the parkourt you will be able to train all the muscles of your body, while you travel around the city.

#4. Dance outdoors

Expressing your feelings and keeping you happy is simpler than it seems. All you need is a good sound player and the desire to dance. There are whole groups of people who meet in squares, parks and other urban areas to practice choreography or any kind of dance in pairs.

There are very simple music equipment for dancing in the street bachata, dance and salsa. Dancing in an open space can be more intense than going to a disco. Feeling the oxygen and the presence of the trees around you will allow you to get in touch with the world around you, without inhibitions or embarrassment. In addition, practicing your steps outdoors will increase your self-esteem and eliminate the stage fright in you. Doing it in the company of friends will make for stronger and more lasting links over time... and everything will be free! What more can you ask for?

(see the dancing experiences you experience when you travel)

#5. What about a beach soccer game?

If it's summer and you are on holiday, you can go to a coastal area and organize a beach day. But avoid lying in the sun, take a beach soccer ball with you. The best thing is that in this way you will be able to meet new people, inviting them to participate. Girls in bikini, a refreshing drink and an exciting game...

 #6. Spend the day in a pool

There are modern traditions that don't go out of fashion and a good day at the pool is one of them. Prepare some sandwiches, get your favorite book, sunscreen and... a deck of cards to play with friends?

 #7. Visit a historic area

Every place has a history that we often forget or don't know. Therefore, there is always a good opportunity to visit the historical sites of your region or country. Some will be in secluded areas, but others will be within hours of your location.

 #8. Have a picnic

For this you only need fruit, an omelette and breaded fillets, a blanket of pictures and the willingness to enjoy nature. You don't have to go too far: the park closest to your apartment can be useful. You'll have a different day!

 #9. Or just... walk, walk, walk, walk...

Walking is a great way to organize your ideas and think about the past and future. You can't imagine all that can happen in a morning walk or under the sunset of an afternoon to mid-term. All you need to do is leave your car and use your legs. In addition, experts say that walking half an hour a day is enough to keep in shape. What are you waiting for?

 #10. Attend a live concert or music festival

Your favorite band comes to play in a radius of 50-100 kilometers from where you live. Don't doubt it for a moment... you can't miss it.

Have you identified yourself with any of these ways to have a good time? Do you wonder which one is the best? We advise you to dance. If you're not good at it, you can sign up for dance class. You'll learn, have fun, make new friends... they're all benefits!