Do you want to dance and move your body this summer like Shakira, Rihanna or Jennifer Lopez? Do you prefer ballroom dancing or Latin rhythms? Whatever your choice, dancing helps shape your body, improve your health and fitness quickly.

If you love dancing and don't want to spend your holidays without enjoying it, if you don't want to forget the last figures you've learned in your dance academy, or simply if you don't plan a good holiday without dancing, you have to find the most suitable place to keep dancing.

people dancing on the beach on vacation

gente bailando en la playa en vacaciones 

During your summer vacation you can always find options to continue dancing. Whether it's in our usual daily environment, bars and bars with drinks and chiringuitos habitual, if you haven't gone on a trip, in the places we go all year round, or in our holiday destination, where we can look for places, dance academies, discos, etc., to continue enjoying what we like the most.

In addition to being fun, dancing will bring us many physical and mental benefits. If you don't have a good command of the dance and you want to learn or evolve and improve your style or incorporate new figures, the holiday period is a good time to introduce dance classes in the summer break.

Dance on vacation will help you relax your muscles and mind, keep training tone, cardio and improve your overall fitness. Don't forget that it has been proven that dancing for an hour means a caloric expense of more than 400 kcal. while having fun. If you have travelled to a hotel, it is easy to find Zumba, aqua dance, Salsa and even bachata classes. And at night you have to party and dance.

The importance of proximity when you go dancing

The time on your vacation is very important. Surely you have thought of many things to do during your rest time. Beach, mountains, water sports and activities, hiking, etc. Therefore, it is important that you give the right importance to the distance from your place of residence during the holidays to the dance venue. The time of classes or dance sessions also have to be taken into account to optimize the time you have available. You may prefer a little further away and a good schedule to the opposite.

How to find your dance club?
If you have doubts about how to find the ideal place to keep dancing, wherever you go, at you have a quick and easy search engine to locate all the bars and clubs in a specific area, and also the best dance academies. Either by name of the place (if you know it), by location, area, province, etc.

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Leave your comment every time you go dancing
When you've found and visited a local, it's important to leave your comments on their go&dance page.

Please note that pages are formed through user comments. In this way, the page is being enriched and other people who have the doubts you have had, will be able to get the very useful information, which you have read or which you would like to read.

In addition, the opinions of different users are fundamental to enhance the SEO of a company, SME, etc.. That's why we can help improve traffic on product and service pages, improve conversion rates and sales.

Choose your favorite dance style
Do you like reggaeton, merengue, salsa, modern music, zumba?

With any of these activities you will strengthen your health, learn and have fun. If you prefer Latin rhythms, look for them on dance floors.

70's rhythms, jazz, hip-hop, funky, flamenco music, etc. There are options and places for all tastes.

This holiday, enjoy it to the fullest by doing what you like best. Dance, laugh, play, read... there's a thousand things to do!

Enjoy yourselves!

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