It's been 11 months since we made the portal that we helped you to find the parties where you can go dancing wherever you are. An entrepreneurial adventure with which we are enjoying very much designing and building go&dance for you.

And, you know what?

We know that we are still far from being able to recommend the ideal place to go dancing with the total confidence that you will love it.

Seems like an impossible challenge, doesn't it?

We believe we made it possible and for this reason, in a moment of lucidity and inspiration, a slogan came to mind that defined our purpose perfectly.

"Live your passion everywhere"

The fact is that these days we are facing the final stretch to culminate the first year of this wonderful project and on the day we celebrate one year we will celebrate the first anniversary of go&dance so that you go and enjoy your passion for dancing with us.

We'll throw the house out the window with raffles, presents, surprises, workshops, games and lots of dancing. So we want you to go with your friends, family, partner or whoever you want.

This is the philosophy we follow to achieve our dream

You might think, and why are they doing all this?

The answer is simple. Because we have experienced for years how incredibly good social dancing is for people and we are captivated by it.

In fact, we have already talked about the benefits of dancing for both body and mind, and our greatest desire is to spread it.

Disseminate it by helping people dance in all corners of the world thanks to a community that uses go&dance every day and with its use and contributions helps us to improve so that we all benefit.

You think we're too ambitious?

We don't think so. We dream that it is possible to create this community of dance lovers who are restless to continue living new experiences.

A community of people who want to go dancing, people who want to keep improving their style, people who love to experience new dance styles, people who go through movements during the day and people who, despite being broken up, go dancing.

In fact, that community of people exists and you already belong to it.

Thank you for being part of go&dance, the largest community of dance enthusiasts.

We're expecting you on our first anniversary.