Everyone who has started to dance salsa, bachata, or any other dance Kizomba once something has caused that he could not stop laughing for a long time while he was dancing, right?

The reasons why everyone starts laughing can be different but there is always a reason however small makes trigger.

After thinking for a while these are seven situations in which a dance step, movement or "intent" of movement has caused at least a shy smile from one of the two to dance.

1. You step on the foot and it makes a strange face of forgiveness and compassion


2. After a new movement you do not understand it ends up you crashing with him


3. You expect her hand, but you never get it and she realizes it after


4. After a spin that you almost fall down you hope no one saw you


5. Misunderstanding and everyone makes different things


6. The boy cheats on girl and she did not expect


7. Someone is all the smiling and it finally makes you laugh


Reaching this point I am sure there are more situations that provoke a smile to dance and we would love you to tell us which was the situation that made you began to laugh in the middle of the track. So after the dance you stay with that feeling of happiness caused by the smile, dance and complicity created with your dance partner.

There is one thing we all know is that laughter is good for the body and mind. It has very positive effects in our body that prevent disease and reduce stress.

So get to dance, make mistakes, try new things and laugh on much more.

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