Since I start dancing I have many friends who tell me that I am crazy for going out so many times per week staying until late and sleeping so little. They do not know yet, but that is the life of a salsa addict. In fact, I always tell them the same thing… why don’t you sign up for a salsa class so you can understand me?

Eventually I convinced more than one person telling my experiences and all the advantages of going to dance. So after years of insistence trying to add more people to this wonderful world I can honestly say that these are the 8 reasons why to start dancing.

1. Get to know people while you dance

This is Very important. Would you like to meet new people? Then sign up to dance! Meeting people is certainly one of the best things about dancing. Do not use the excuse that you are shy, because dancing will improve your social skills and you will meet boys and girls with similar interests and why not, you might end up knowing your future partner! (Yes, dancing helps at flirting but we will talk about it in another post).

2. Leave home, disconnect and have a great time

When you talk to people who have dancing classes all say the same: when you dance you disconnect from your daily problems, you take off the stress of the day by having a lot of fun. Do not make excuses that you do not have time, the classes are very flexible and there are many dancing schools where to learn. You can start with only an hour a week and believe me you will find time later.

3. You exercise yourself

When you dance you move your body and of course you burn calories. Dancing improves your cardiovascular system and strengthens your muscles and bones. Dancing is an aerobic activity that helps keep you in shape or even lose some weight while you can not go wrong. Do you know any better diet?

4. You improve balance and posture

Dancing helps your body to improve your balance, agility, coordination and responsiveness. If you go to class the teacher will teach you how to improve the position of the body, arms, legs…he will also teach you how to step correctly and lift your head and shoulders holding down verticality. With all this you will improve your posture both in dance and in your life.

5. It is cheap

Dancing is cheap. There are classes for all pockets and go dancing salsa, bachata or Kizomba is much cheaper than going to a regular disco. In this world it is consumed little alcohol so you don’t spend money on drinks when you go to dance. Of course you do not need extras to go dancing. Except if you are a girl you will probably want a pair of shoes (highly recommended).

6. You exercise your brain and memory

Remembering steps, thinking about how to make the move and how to guide the girl in order to understand you and thinking how to understand the signs of the boy to know what the next move that he will make, helps you to be focused and makes your brain work. In fact, if you want to exercise your mind it is advised to take quick decisions in seconds so ... what better to do than dancing!

7. Dancing unites cultures

When you dance no matter where the person is from whom you are dancing Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba or any other social dances with, because all this stiles are danced all over the world. Dancing unites and the connection is amazing when you take someone who knows how to dance. You may not know the other person language and you may not understand talking to that person but it is sure that you will understand the dancing.

8. You are happy when you dance

Finally I left the best of all ... Dancing makes you happy. When you do this you generate endorphins and that makes you feel good. You release stress, exercise your body and know people.

If you have not been convinced yet just do a test. Why don’t you look for a salsa school near where you live and ask for a free trial class? They will make sure delighted. Be happy and go&dance!

What was your reason to start dancing?

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