We have always identified bachata as a sensual, romantic and rhythmic dance, which is danced somewhat slower than merengue and has as one of its most significant features the accentuated movement of the hips.

But besides all this, did you know that bachata dancing can have beneficial effects on your health?

Undoubtedly, dancing bachata gives us a series of benefits that will not only contribute to improve your silhouette, but will help you to improve coordination, reaffirm legs and buttocks and shape the waist among other aspects.

Within the wide spectrum of benefits for your health that can originate dancing bachata, we present you next 4 that are going to be possibly fundamental for you to decide to practice this dance, if you don't already do it.

1. Bachata dancing works legs and buttocks

If there is one thing you should know in this regard is that bachata is one of the rhythmic dances that most contribute to improve the silhouette of a woman.

When dancing bachata, one of the main benefits you will get will be to work legs and buttocks, because from the first steps you will be continuously moving the lower body.

This will cause you to accentuate the rhythm and timing so that your movements are more rhythmic and harmonious, working at all times this sector of the body.

Likewise, dancing bachata will help you lose calories (between 200 and 400 in half an hour of dancing) and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure thanks to the physical exercise you do when performing all your movements.

The correct movement of the torso, hips, legs and buttocks will allow you to reaffirm your silhouette and shape your waist with time and practice this style of dancing.

2. Dancing bachata benefits your spine

The movement that occurs in the hips and torso when dancing bachata benefits your spine, working its undulation and flexibility and impacting on a waist and toned muscles.

As you work your spine with the practice of dancing, you will acquire in your body a very important agility, flexibility and speed not only to continue dancing, but also beneficial for your daily routines.

This flexibility and undulation of the spine will result in greater control of your body and, especially, in the improvement of possible back pain that you may have.

In addition, the physical form that you will acquire when dancing bachata and performing each of its main movements will be simply enviable.

3. If you dance bachata you increase your muscular strength, strengthen your bones and your physical endurance.

Dancing bachata, or practicing any dance in general, is one of the best exercises to increase your muscular strength, since with its movements you make you work different muscle groups.

Bachata, in particular, is a dance that integrates the entire muscular system of your body, since you will be able to exercise a great diversity of muscle groups, especially those of the lower part.

Also, as a strength exercise, bachata dancing will help you strengthen your bones and keep your joints functioning without stress.

The health benefits of this dance can be seen in the long term with the prevention of certain diseases such as arthritis or osteoporosis.

Dancing is an exercise that increases your heart rate and your body's ability to receive oxygen, which will help you achieve greater endurance or endurance. Little by little, you will find that in your daily life you will be much less fatigued by certain routines.

Of course against more dances and better practices (but don't overdo it... hehe).

4. Dancing bachata benefits your mental health

When it comes to bachata dancing, you don't just have to pay attention to the physical benefits you can obtain. Everyone knows that the practice of dancing secretes endorphins that confer a state of health, happiness and well-being.

Dancing has always been associated as an excellent resource for helping people with depression. Dancing bachata can help you lessen the effects of your emotional problems, making you feel much better.

Dancing in all its forms is an excellent exercise for the brain. When you learn the routine of bachata movements, for example, you improve your memory and the ability to perform several tasks at once.

In addition, there are scientific studies that state that the practice of dancing, at least twice a week, decreases the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is undoubtedly the best way to keep people active socially.

In reality, there are many benefits to your physical and mental health that bachata dancing can have.

Increase muscle strength and endurance, strengthen bones, improve flexibility, benefit your mental health and emotional well-being...

We encourage you to benefit from all these aspects by dancing bachata, a perfect solution, on the other hand, to increase your social activity and improve your personal relationships.

Beneficios de bailar bachata para tu salud