I don't know if you've taken a look at all the benefits you can get as a go&dance user once you sign up.

If not, today we would like to invite you to join us to see that our intention is to make your life easier by saving you time and money so that you can enjoy your passion for dancing to the fullest.

To this end, we at go&dance are committed to promoting dance and sharing its benefits around the world. We have not only come to learn in a mechanical way a few steps, but to discover everything that the world of dance can bring us.

Therefore, if you have a few minutes we would like you to join us on a short walk through our website to see all we have prepared for you.

You want to be able to dance anywhere?

Once you access go&dance and register, the first thing you will have at your disposal is a series of sections at the top of the screen under the headings: Events, Classes, Bars and Discos, Schools, Artists and Blog.

If you access each one of them, you will see that they work as a very complete search engine so that, in short, you can go dancing wherever you want.

And best of all, you can do it as close as possible to where you are.

You will be able to find the dance events that interest you most, find out where you can take classes in this dance that you like so much, get to know bars and discos in your surroundings to go dancing, etc....

We believe this is the best way for you to search for all national and international salsa, bachata and kizomba congresses and events. You can also do it by province, by type of dance, by name or by your favorite artist.

You also have it easy to search for all the dance sites in your province or filter by school name or type of dance you want to learn. These searches can be sorted by name, relevance or proximity to where you are.

An indispensable tool designed specifically for you. Take a look at the wide selection of possibilities and the multiple filters you have at your fingertips.

Oh, and by the way. If you are a professional, you can present your event, your venue, your course or your next performance in a very simple way. To do this, you'll need to create a free professional profile account and you'll be ready to go.

Follow them and find out what's new in your favourite artists and dance halls.
From go&dance we want to get closer to you and know a little more about your tastes so that your user experience is as much as possible with us.

You know that once you register you can indicate the dance styles you practice and those that you would like to dance. In this way, we will make it easier for us to provide you with the most suitable recommendations for you.

But you can also bookmark and follow the artists, schools or dance halls you like best.

Every time you follow an artist, a school or a dance hall you'll be able to find it more easily and quickly and preferentially find out all the latest news about it.

You will be kept up to date thanks to super personalized notifications according to your own taste.
At go&dance it will be very easy to find out where to go dancing or learn wherever you are. And you will achieve it in a very simple and totally personalized way. We want to offer you what you like and at the right time and in the right place for you.

To do this, there is nothing better than making personalized notifications available to you. Once you register, a section appears in your profile where we ask you for information about the dance styles you like, the ones you would like to learn and the city in which you live.

Also, the moment you follow a dance hall, school or artist, or every time you buy a ticket or are interested in an event, we understand that you like it and take note of it.

With these details about your main likes and dislikes, you'll receive personalized notifications every time information relevant to you is updated.

You will not receive all notifications in your email, as we do not want to SPAM with every notification.

You will only receive in your email those that we consider most important for you and all the other notifications will receive them only through the portal, so you should be entering it to see the news that we have prepared.

Buy tickets conveniently, quickly and securely

Through go&dance, and once you register, you will be able to purchase tickets conveniently, quickly and securely from the event or course page.

Once inside each one, you will see the "Buy Now" button to click and access the purchase page. There you will find the details of your order and the different payment methods (card, bank account or PayPal).

Once inside each one, you will see the "Buy Now" button to click and access the purchase page. There you will find the details of your order and the different payment methods (card, bank account or PayPal).

Once the payment has been made, you will receive in your mail the payment receipt and the number of your order. To download the tickets, you will need to add the personal data of those attending the event.

To make things even easier, you can access the My Orders section to see how yours is doing and be able to show the ticket directly from your mobile phone without having to print it.

Follow our blog about the world of dance

And, of course, don't miss our blog where you will find articles of all kinds related to the dance world.

Interviews, advice and recommendations, interesting places to go dancing and much, much more.

In short, at go&dance we want to let you know all the services and products available in the world of dance, showing you preferably those that you like the most. And offer them to you wherever you are, using the enormous possibilities of proximity that new technologies offer us.

From the first moment, we believe that you are the most important thing and for that we move to continue improving your user experience. With our service, we hope you can dance wherever you are.

If you have a passion, and this is the dance and everything that surrounds it, we won't let you waste it. Tell us what you like (in the comments of the post) and leave everything in our hands.

Thank you for trusting us!

dance salsa anywhere in the world

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