Am I mistaken if I say that you are passionate about dancing, it fills you with life, happiness, joy and that you are also looking forward to your next class or dance outing to break the routine of everyday life and destroy the dance floor with your dancing shoes?

The fact is that in order to get you back to the top of the season dance, after the holiday season, perhaps it would be good to take a look at the clothes you wear for dancing, the state of your dancing shoes and the accessories you have.

But why would it be okay if you check it out?

Cómo elegir los mejores zapatos de baile para tiHow to choose the best dancing shoes for you

The importance of good dancing shoes
You already know that it is necessary to go dancing in comfortable clothes, to facilitate the movements, the realization of the figures, and also with which you feel great, and that you think it is the most appropriate for the place, the environment or the occasion.

If proper clothing is a very important factor in going dancing, appropriate dancing shoes are essential. Don't you think?

In the end, it's all about taking the utmost care of your ankles and feet while you get maximum performance, comfort and adequate gliding avoiding fatigue on all kinds of platforms, floors and tracks.

Oh, you know what? All this will be influenced by good shoes and dancing shoes.

What do you have to consider to choose the best dance shoe for you?
To choose good dancing shoes you should consider the following 3 things.

#1. The height of the dancing shoes

Especially for girls, if they are not very accustomed to wearing heels, the first thing to keep in mind is that the beginnings of the dance should be with low heels and medium thickness, so that the movements are more comfortable, you gain stability in turns, and tiredness in the ankles and cufflinks is less.

As far as the measurements are concerned, it depends on each girl, her comfort, and also the type of dance.

For example, for Latin rhythms, the most commonly used medium heel is about 5-8 centimeters. If you are young and already have experience and habit to walk with heels, you can start dancing with a 6 cm heel.

An important piece of advice to avoid excessive tiredness is that, when dancing, you keep yourself relieved of what is understood as a half point, making sure that the heel does not rest on the floor at all times, but only what is necessary.

In any case, the best advice for choosing the dance shoe that best suits your physiognomy, style and level will be given to you by the professionals in the shops specialized in dance shoes. They are people who know a lot and will help you choose the best one for you.

#2. The manufacturing material of your dancing shoes

The manufacturing material must be 100% leather. This way the shoe will have greater durability and resistance.

You should think that synthetic materials are not interesting for dancing, among other things because the resistance they offer is not the same.

#3. The design and decoration of your dancing shoes
Although each person has his or her preferred design, there are some guidelines to consider.

For boys, a closed shoe with a wide heel is ideal. In the case of girls, there are a lot of options.

The most important thing, in any case, is that the different parts of the foot such as the ankles, heels and instep are secure and you feel comfortable or comfortable dancing.

How long do dancing shoes last?
The dancing shoe tends to accumulate a lot of dirt in its lower part, on the sole, because it is in continuous contact with the floor. For this reason, if we are going to store them, it is necessary to do a good cleaning first. For reasons of hygiene, and also to avoid deterioration.

Before cleaning and storing the shoes, they should be well ventilated. After cleaning and brushing, the ideal place to store them is a space that is free of sunlight, moisture, and excessively low and high temperatures.

Another important advice is that our dancing shoes will not be worn for anything else, exclusively for dancing.

So the duration of dance shoes depends a lot on how long you wear them. You will see that over time the materials will be given, worn and at that moment you must choose whether to repair the shoe by changing soles, heels etc. Or buy a new one.

Where to buy the best dancing shoes?
Finally, I would like to say that if you want to buy a new shoe, there are currently many options to buy the best dance shoe for you.

You can buy inexpensive, expensive, plain or highly decorated dancing shoes online or at your nearest specialised store.

But if you haven't yet chosen a brand we leave you with a list of 8 brands, distributors and manufacturers of dance shoes below:

Reinadanza. com. On this page you will find all kinds of shoes and accessories for the dance.
Gautiers Dance Shoes. One of the best Latin dance shoes, with the most exclusive designs.
Josebotta. com. Exclusive footwear for sports and dancing.
Galarina Baile. In Galarinabaile. es you can find shoes for sports and competition dancing, costumes for exhibitions, retro dances, latinos, and much more.
Veronicamassini. com.
Maty. It is. Shoes for modern and contemporary dance, ballroom dancing, rhythmic gymnastics, skating, etc.
GoodStep. Good quality shoes at a very affordable price. Super personalized attention and exquisite personalization down to the last detail.
And I could say many more and for showcase write in Google:"shoes of dance + your city" and you'll see how a few options appear.

But now it's your turn, please tell us in the comments of the post which dance shoes brand you have done best in terms of quality, price and comfort. You will help many other people to choose their next dance shoe.

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