Are you looking for dance shoe shops in Barcelona to buy new dance shoes?

You do well, as the shoes we use for dancing are a fundamental issue.

It is of vital importance to be able to dance with comfort and at the same time take care of the health of our feet, and of our body in general. To do this, it is worthwhile spending some time choosing the dance shoe that best suits our tastes and needs.

Did you know that 99% of women who have danced for a year wear dancing shoes?

It is that there are multiple shapes, designs, formats, soles, heels, qualities and prices for dance shoes and different styles of dance that require their own shoes such as Latin dance shoes, salsa shoes, ballroom dancing shoes, bachata shoes, tango shoes....

But although many shoes can be used to dance in various styles, our recommendation is that you always let yourself be advised by the professionals in the dance shoe shops who will help you choose the best dance shoes for your feet.

So if you want to find your next dance shoes in Barcelona, here we recommend 8 places where you can get advice.

8 stores to buy dance shoes in Barcelona.


8 stores where to buy dance shoes in Barcelona


This brand founded by Maria Seoane has been in the market for many years in order to help find and buy dance products to their customers. In her website she sells from dance shoes to ball tips and all kinds of dance clothes for adults as well as for children and teenagers.

If we must emphasize something in special of doyoubailas is that they are very near and if you have doubts before buying any product of dance you can call and directly you will speak with Maria.

In fact, if you want to buy at use the GOANDANCE discount and you will have 5% on any product.

Location of doyoubailas? in Barcelona:


At the end of 2009 CosiBCNshoes was born with the aim of finding dance shoes, tango shoes and Latin shoes, always looking for an elegant touch, a unique design and maximum comfort. They have also developed the line of wedding shoes and shoes for ceremonies that sell very well.

CosiBcnShoes was born with the aim of preventing all women from wearing the same dancing shoes when dancing and offering dance shoes of the highest quality at a very good price. If you look at their product catalog, they've certainly done it.

Unique, elegant designs and the best brands of Italian shoes that will make dancing comfortable, elegant and painless is something normal and not a luxury (as now).

If you have trouble finding dancing shoes, go to CosiBcnShoes without hesitation.

It is necessary to book an appointment in your shoe shop in Barcelona so that they can take care of you as you deserve.

Location of CosiBcnShoes in Barcelona:





Queen Dance

Reina Danza has shoe shops in Madrid and Valencia, in addition to Barcelona, the dance shoes of the Reina brand are well known because they offer a great variety of models, shapes, designs and an immense amount of accessories for your dance shoes.

They are sponsors of international artists and have cheaper basic lines and competition lines.

Location of the Reina Danza store in Barcelona:





Danzarina is a new store of a person I know and has opened her dance shoes shop in Barcelona on calle Paris 151-155 between Casanovas and Muntaner.

The store offers exclusive dancing shoes, of its own brand and high quality. It has a great variety of styles and designs for all types of dancing and tastes.

It is a physical store in the centre of Barcelona where you can try on some dresses and accessories to match for your next dance, party or bridal shoes.

Currently offers a 10% discount promotion for the purchase of two or more pairs of shoes.

Danzarina's location in Barcelona:




Galarina started in Barcelona in 2004, making sportswear and competition clothing, to gradually evolve in the dance shoe sector.

In Galarina they have collaborated with all kinds of events, in addition to the program "Mira quien baila", from Spanish Television, or "Tu cara me suena", in Telecinco.

They are experts in making sportswear and costumes for choreographies and shows.

Galarina's location in Barcelona:





With a long family background, Casimirodanza offers their wide experience and dedication to everything related to the world of dance. In addition to its physical store, on its website you can find everything you need to dance.

Location of Casimirodanza in Barcelona:





Cabriolé Dansa

Cabriolé Dansa was born on September 18,2006 and is currently a reference in the world of fashion, dance shoes and dance accessories. For any discipline in the world of dance.

Location of Cabriolé Dansa Barcelona:




Goodstep Barcelona

Good Step is a firm linked to Aurora Monge Díez, who has dedicated her life to classical dance, jazz and now salsa. Each of his shoes is a sample of style, distinction and beauty, decorated entirely by hand.

Location of GoodStep Barcelona:


Do you still have questions about choosing where to buy your dancing shoes?

6 quick tips when buying dance shoes
When choosing salsa dancing shoes, or any other Latin or ballroom dance shoes in dance shoe stores, you have to take into account some variables.

It is not the same as a shoe for dancing bachata or salsa, as a shoe for other types of dances, such as tango, saloon, flamenco, etc..
In the market you can find all kinds of materials, qualities and prices that you must take into account when making the price quality assessment. (Let yourself be advised by the professional of the dance shoe shop).
The heel is very important, especially in the case of girls. Be careful when choosing a heel height too high or too low for your needs and physiognomy of the feet and legs. Choose a good shoe for yourself and with them you can prevent injuries, corns, bunions, hardness, etc..
Colour and design is important but not the most important thing. It can influence in the case of exhibitions, to match the costume or dress but the color is the least and to go more different but should not be the only thing that counts in your purchase decision.
The price varies depending on the quality. It's a logical thing to do, but there is a lot of dancing shoes on the market from 30€ to 300€ or even more. The quality of the fabrics, how well-balanced the heels are, the strength of the sole, the padding, the lace, the design, the brand... multiple things influence the quality of a shoe.
The shape of your feet doesn't make all the dancing shoes fit for you. I know that there are people with very narrow feet who have no way of finding dancing shoes and people with very wide shoes who have the same problem.

In short...
Let yourself be advised by experts in dance shoes

And now I'd like you to tell us in the comments of the post... What things do you take into account when buying dancing shoes?


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