It seems easy to buy dance shoes and salsa dancing shoes because there are multiple options to buy good dance shoes. However, finding stores where you can get advice and buy the best dance shoes in Madrid according to your needs, is no longer so simple, do you think?

There are many decisions you have to make to buy dance shoes... that if the heel, that if the design, that if the color, that if the glitters, that if the material, the brand... and a thousand and one more thing you have to take into account to buy a dance shoe.


The truth is that it's not easy to choose the dance shoe that suits you so you can shine on the dance floor, be comfortable and feel safe, right?


What things do you consider when buying dancing shoes? In which stores in Madrid do you find this shoe?

Today we wanted to dedicate a space in our blog to show you different places where you can buy dance shoes in Madrid, but not only that.

We believe and know that not all dance shoes are suitable for your feet, so we like to insist that you let yourself be advised by experts and in these dance shops will advise you on your next choice.

Let's just get to it.

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where to buy dancing shoes in Madrid. 7 stores to buy salsa shoes, bachata shoes in Madrid


5 stores to buy dance shoes in Madrid

1) Reinodanza

Reinodanza is among the first dance shoe shops, with all types of shoes for dancing, salsa dance shoes, bachata shoes, imported by the leading international companies in the sector. They are direct representatives of nationals.

They also make their own contribution to design, in our own tailoring and remodeling workshops.

Location of the Reinodanza store in Madrid:



2) Maty

Maty is a company with a long history in dance shoes. Created in 1943, they have specialized in products for ballet, flamenco and dance, Latin dance shoes, salsa dancing shoes, ballroom dancing shoes, offering solutions based on the preferences and needs of their customers and users.

They have their own workshop where they make footwear, always looking for the highest quality, originality and professionalism, as well as shops in the centre of Madrid.

Location of the Maty store in Madrid:




3) Tiendas Álvarez

Tiendas Álvarez with a careful catalogue of dance shoes Madrid dedicated to dance and the flamenco world, in Shops Alvarez Alvarez find products accessible to all budgets.

Every year the products are renewed, combining tradition with the latest fashion trends, always maintaining the highest quality in materials.

Location of Álvarez Shops in Madrid:



4) Reina Danza Madrid

In Reina Danza Madrid you will find everything you need to dance, shoes and accessories. In addition, children's shoes, bridal shoes and much more.

In addition to Madrid, they also have shops in Madrid Sur (Fuenlabrada), Barcelona and Valencia.

Location of the Reina store in Madrid:



5) Veronicamassini

In Veronica Massini there are dance and Strass sandals, boy and girl shoes, dancing clothes, men's dance shoes, accessories, oriental dance clothes, and more... But in this case it is to buy dance shoes online.

And so far there are several dance shoe shops in Madrid where you can buy dancing shoes close to where you live.

You will surely find your ideal shoe in one of these shoe shops in Madrid.



What should you consider when buying dancing shoes?

If you want to take care of your feet, and that way your health, you must buy shoes with a top quality material, with a padded insole that cushions when you step on it and the adaptation is the right one for dancing.

Depending on the type of dance to be performed, you can choose one or another model.

Female shoes for dancing Latin music are often sandals, open in many places, and ballroom dancing shoes are closed at their tip.

In any case, the most important thing is comfort, flexibility and support, in dance shoes, dancing shoes, Latin dance shoes, salsa shoes, etc.

As far as heels in women's dance shoes are concerned, the transition to higher heels should be made progressively, starting with low heels, followed by medium heels between 7 and 8 cm, and the competition heels exceed 9 cm.

But in the end it all depends on each person, each foot and the needs and physiognomy of each person. Our recommendation from go&dance is the same as always...


"Let yourself be advised ALWAYS by the experts in the dance shoe shops in Madrid."

And now tell us... what are your experiences with dance shoes? Have you ever danced uncomfortably because of inappropriate footwear? Tell us your experience in the comments at the end of the post, we will love to hear your story!