You've always loved dancing, you go to a dance hall, you listen to salsa, bachata, kizomba... and they dance your feet. You've been asked to sign up for school with dance classes, but you wonder why you should. What happens when everyone looks at you? Can you convince your partner to accompany you? Can you go alone? Do you feel shame flood your being?

We've been counting 10 reasons for joining salsa classes for some time now, but I'm telling you that the answer to all these questions is simple.

Sign up now, today for a dance school, find the course that suits you best and request a free trial lesson.

We are sure that no one will look at you in class, and if they do it is to help you. Because you can go with or without a partner, whatever. Because shame paralyzes and you don't want to be paralyzed. Because you want to learn to dance, learn dance steps, take salsa and bachata lessons, do different things, meet more people and expand your social circle.

If you haven't yet been fully convinced by the idea of attending dance classes, read on. ;)


disfruta y haz amigos en las clases de tu escuela de baile


Enjoy and make friends in your dance school classes

This is what you get immediately by signing up for dance classes

#1. Disconnect from problems

Those problems that don't leave your head alone, whether personal or professional, will stay out of dance classes. You will be able to disconnect, among other things because dancing, the different figures, the steps to perform, will require concentration. But there's more, when you leave the classroom you'll see your problems from a very different perspective and find solutions to them. Like the funny thing that happens to your mind when you dance.

#2. You discover a new world

Sometimes anyone goes through very monotonous moments in their life, where it seems that everything is already invented, and routine takes over from day to day. But one day you make up your mind, you're gonna do it, if you wait until the next day. You're taking dance classes! And everything changes, you discover a different world, that you didn't even imagine, new rhythms, movements, sensations that you never had before, people to know many cultures and ways of seeing life. You feel your mind open... and free.

#3. Learn new moves

If you've always been a great dancer or dancer, the dance lessons will perfect your style, you'll learn a lot of figures, and you'll surprise everyone the weekend in your favorite dance hall when you dance on the dance floor.

#4. Improve your physical appearance

As you progress through your dance courses you feel that something is changing, also in your physical appearance. Are you losing weight with activity, or are you more comfortable with your body, feeling better looking or prettier, and you think even your regular clothes feel much better. Great change begins with self-acceptance and recognition of the body.

#5. Powers the self-confidence in yourself

So, what do we do with your shame? That feeling that you won't know how to dance or learn to the rhythm of others. Then you will repeat the step or figure that resists you as many times as necessary. And it'll come out! Everyone has learned that way, insisting a thousand times and polishing mistakes. That's the big secret. Let yourself go, attend to the teacher, he will guide you.

#6. Improve your mental health

You'll win in concentration. Your dance classes will help you in other activities of your daily life. Your mind clears up when you dance, and your concentration level increases. Your head is empty of worries, and it will be ready to assimilate new ideas.

#7. You meet new people

Yeah, that's right. Dancing helps you meet new people. In fact, it's not a lie to say that there are a large number of people who sign up for dance classes to meet their average person or make a new group of friends. And yes, it's true. Many couples have been created in the world of dance. The main advantage is that you're in a fun environment, with people like you in terms of tastes and interests and so it's almost inevitable to make friends dancing.

Would you like to enjoy these benefits? Cheer up! Don't turn it around and sign up. There is much to discover. How's your dance experience? Share this article and tell us what you think.

Other Health Benefits of Dancing Courses

  • To avoid and prevent the risks of cardiovascular disease, dance classes are very positive. It has been shown to improve heart health, breathing, and overall quality of life.
  • Dancing helps you lose weight. If we do this on a continuous basis, it can be as effective in eliminating those extra kilos we have, such as cycling, swimming or jogging.
  • Dance classes usually begin with some basic exercises to stretch and gain flexibility. In addition, when dancing you should try to move all the muscles of your legs and your body in general. This way, dancing regularly improves your body's endurance.
  • Did you know that dancing improves memory? It has been shown to improve memory and prevent the onset of mental illness or degeneration, such as Alzheimer's disease.

You know you want to start dancing but still don't know which style to choose

Test, test and trial. There's no more secret. Find a school, check the schedules that suit you best, ask for a dance class and if you like, join us.

There are many options: salsa, merengue, bachata, kizomba, reggaetón, zumba, hip-hop, ballet, contemporaneous, Jazz, swing, flamenco, tango, sevillanas etc

Either of these dances will help you physically and mentally. Decide which form of dance you like best and begin to reap the health benefits of dancing.


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