We often wonder how to dance well to any song and want to know what the secrets, tips and tricks are to dance like a true professional.

In fact, you probably wonder how to dance well, don't you?

And you should know that everyone can improve and progress to an enviable style.

Is that your case? would you like to get that level?

young people learning to dance well in salsa lessons

jovenes aprendiendo a bailar bien en clases de salsa

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 There are some details, simple in appearance, but if you apply them to your way of dancing you will be able to stand out on the dance floor and dance well.

Among these guidelines or tips if you want to dance better are:


#1. Practice what you learn and be patient

The first advice is to face your own fears, free yourself and be prepared to overcome challenges. It is necessary to practice a lot, every week.

In addition, signing up for dance classes in a dance school is essential for better dancing. Only in a dance academy with a teacher will you be able to have that style of dancer you are looking for. The first thing is learning to learn.


#2. Listen to a lot of music. Surround yourself with the rhythm and internalize it

Dance and music are related. Dancing without music is not motivating. Although this may be evidence, the truth is that when we are in classes to learn to dance, we worry about technical figures, the coordination of feet and hands, steps, how to improve, etc. But we forgot the music.


It is important that, in addition to the technical part, you enjoy dancing. To dance is to enjoy, let yourself be carried away by the rhythm and notes of the song. When you ask yourself how to dance well, one of the best answers is the one that advises you to feel the music in your body.


Have you ever wondered if you enjoy music in your dance classes? What songs do you listen to?

According to 20 minutes this is the list of the best songs to dance to.

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#3. Look and work to improve the pose

Many times we have heard that the dancers are recognized by the street because of their bearing. The straight position will always give you more style, whatever the dance.

Another different thing is good flexibility in the back and the whole body. A tango or bachata dancing, there can be a thousand differences between the two, more or less hip changes, but in both cases the stretched body will give a more stylish sensation.

But I'm sure you'll have fun doing it, believe me.


#4. Learn how to grab a partner

Couple coordination, one of the most important aspects of learning to dance. In different dance videos we will see it. In this sense, the fundamental thing is that the man knows well what he wants the woman to do, prior to being able to indicate it to him.


#5. Wear a suitable dancing shoe and wear comfortable clothes.

Can you imagine a player from the first league without his boots to hit the ball? Surely his ability would be impaired. Well, the same goes for dancing. It is very important to wear the right footwear while dancing, flexible shoes, with the right heel for women.

The same goes for clothing. We must look for comfort, avoiding the clothes that make us sweat more.

#6. Improve your ability to improvise

The planning of choreographies about the different figures we learn from our favorite dance is a good technique. But to dance well, as if it were a professional, you have to have the ability to improvise, to have figures for a certain set, to wait in the room while creating space around us, or to change the direction of the dance. The ideal trick is to have some "wild card" figures that will get us out of trouble in many situations.

 #7. Before you go dancing enjoy a light dinner

Although people who dance do not usually abuse alcohol, it is always necessary to remember that drinking too much means that we coordinate our dance movements worse. In fact, dancing is a very good reason to exercise in a healthy and healthy way.

If we eat too much dinner, we're probably going to want a movie at home more than going dancing. A light dinner will give us the energy we need to dance.


#8. Relieves stress and tension

One of the most important issues to dance well is the ability to release our body from tension, relax and reduce stress. With stress and anxiety we lose concentration, flexibility and expressiveness.

For that concentration, it will help us a lot to think about the movement to be made, without continuing to turn our minds away from the figure we have already made or the one we will make. We need to focus on the movement we make.

Dance is a cheap plan to have fun for life, you know that, right?

Free yourself from self-criticism! You are learning, evolving, gradually you will get the best style. It takes a little patience.


#9. Do warm-up exercises

The physical and mental stress we have seen may decrease in the warm-up phase. Muscles and joints need to be pre-prepared for maximum. 15 to 20 minutes of warm-up would be ideal.


How's your dance experience? If you dare to tell us your opinion, there are many people who will learn a little more from your experiences. Share the article so that we all continue to improve.


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