Dancer understands that dancing is a different lifestyle that brings you health, fun and friends, don't you think?

In fact, there are many experiences of people who have started the dance classes moved by curiosity, incited by family and friends, and the word most often used when asked how was your first day? is always the same: it's been FUN.

And they tell you with that smirk on your face remembering what happened to them, don't they?

Do you remember what your first day of your dance lessons was like? Tell us about your experience. Did you have fun, past the first moment of embarrassment or cutting? Share your opinion with us.

I know a lot of people who started dancing to do something, without much motivation, and in a very short time it became a real priority for them, a reason to live, a fun game that "is worth playing".

The fact is that there are a lot of people who although they don't look like it... they know how to dance and only need a little music to get started.


Some interesting facts about dancing and dance classes

Among the benefits of dancing, scientists at the University of Missouri in the United States have conducted studies that conclude that dancing is very therapeutic, especially when you reach old age. The reason is that dancing improves and enhances balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

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How do you dance? Do you make only the figure, in a technical way, or do you take care of your movements?

You have to know that very rhythmic movements in the case of a man makes it more attractive to women. Do you have a habit of dancing just by moving your feet back and forth? Sign up for dance classes and you'll draw a lot more attention to yourself.

It is well known that dancing is one of the best ways to overcome shyness, socialize and develop new interpersonal relationships. Dancing helps you to express your emotions better, it will channel that adrenaline that sometimes makes you feel tense or tense, and it will lift your spirits.

A psychologist at the University of New Mexico says that dance was widely used in ancient times not only to find a partner or wife, but to find someone to have sex with.

Another study, carried out at the University of Jerusalem, states that we have a genetic code that integrates a hormone that enhances our capacity for social communication, linked to different activities and emotional aspects. One of them is the dance.


Sign up for salsa lessons to relieve stress and have fun.

Dance in general and some styles such as salsa and bachata have become very popular in recent years. Dancing comes from within the person, certain people are shaping their own style of dancing, often without even knowing it.

Laughing and having a good time dancing is one of the healthiest activities anyone can do. In addition, it is a very effective channel for relieving daily stress, losing weight and eliminating excess pounds, having better social interaction or learning to work as a team.

The dance classes will get you connected to that inner child you carry inside, the one you have long forgotten, but that allows you to enjoy how you don't get it any other way.

Dancing will awaken in you different emotions, play, collaboration, improvement, empathy, and a lot of sociability, ease to connect with other people. You don't need to pursue a career, or plan an exhibition. Dance to learn, or just to have fun.

The best teachers of dance classes always say that there is no age to learn and have fun with dancing. It is always a good time to change your focus on your daily life, to reinforce your challenges with a positive attitude and motivation.

Enter here if you still don't have enough reasons to sign up for salsa classes.


Dancing is an activity for all tastes

There are rhythms and dances for all tastes, Latin, ballroom dancing, zumba, rock, etc. You simply have to choose one, the one you've always wanted to dance with, the one you've followed on TV or seen in a movie in the cinema.

I'm sure that very close to where you live you have a dance school that offers a wide range of dance classes you can attend. Would you like to enter a new world of fun?

In addition to all the physical and mental benefits we have seen, the best thing that dancing will give you, right from the first day of your classes, is fun.

It is very difficult to dance well without smiling. That alone is worth it.

How many things make you smile? If you think it's important to smile, music will help you express your feelings better and have lasting joy.

If you have been dancing for some time, tell us your experience. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would like to have fun dancing, but they have doubts and doubts to do so. With your experience you will help many people who have a great potential "dancer", although they do not even know it.

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