How customized notifications for interests work in go&dance

Do you believe in a world where every person who wants to dance can do it no matter where they are? We have! That's why every new feature we add at go&dance is made to help you find out where to go dancing or learn to dance wherever you are, in an easier and more personalized way for you.... + read more

5 acctions to multiply the reach of your event in go&dance

Have you published an event on go&dance and want to know what you can do to reach more people by multiplying the reach? If that is your case, below we will tell you 5 actions you can take to reach more people and increase the reach of your event at + read more

How to attract more people to your salsa event

Do you know the key to attracting more people to a salsa event and making it a success? Do a lot of good things! And you'll say, go because I already knew this... and I'll tell you "wait, wait, I'm going to tell you several things you can do and that at least you can plan for your salsa event to be a success".... + read more

Pros and cons of selling tickets online

Have you ever organized an event and considered the pros and cons of selling advance tickets online? If you organize dance events, I'm sure you do. In fact....... + read more

What price to put to sell more tickets in advance for a dance event

If you're organizing a dance event and you're deciding what price to put on advance tickets, you're really interested in this. As we at go&dance help dance event organizers sell tickets online through our platform, we've been analyzing how people behave before they buy tickets. We have realized that there are several things you can do to sell more tickets in advance and ensure you have a number of people before the event date and not have to wait until the day of the event to know how many people will buy the ticket at the box office.... + read more

How to create an event to sell tickets online with go&dance

If you organize a dance event, you want to sell tickets online, have a centralized event management system and a system of attendee accreditation and ticket validation you can do it in go&dance. When you create an event with tickets for sale at go&dance you automatically appear in recommended events, newsletters and special promotions. This way you will not only have a totally secure system for selling tickets but you will also reach the largest community of dance crazies.... + read more

How to create dancing clases in go&dance

If you have a place where dance classes such as salsa, tango, hip hop, rumba, chachacha, bachata or any other dance classes are taught, you can upload all dance class schedules to go&dance and sell the free dance plazas of each class. To create the first dance course you must follow these steps....... + read more

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