How the Latin fusion band Los Jefes Cuba has grown according to the interview with Olgeriz Montelier

I'm sure many of you are wondering how singers and bands start their professional artistic careers and how they do it to succeed on the stage both locally and internationally. This time the go&dance team had the great opportunity to interview Olgeriz Montelier, creator and founder of Los Jefes Cuba. The singer-songwriter shares his own story with us and tells us first-hand what his entire career as a professional artist has been like so far. Come in, read the interview and share it.... + read more

9 days travelling around Cuba in a group and dancing salsa non-stop

If you've ever thought about taking a trip to Cuba to discover its culture, enjoy the wonderful surroundings and also to enjoy salsa directly from Cuba, today we're showing you the experience and story of one of the salsa travelers from the trip to Cuba organized by our friends from the TravelToDance dance travel agency.... + read more

I have changed my lifestyle since I dance salsa and I am happier now [Case Study].

Do you think you need a radical change in your life? Do you consider yourself a life-loving person, but sometimes you lack the energy to do new things? Are you constantly looking for an activity that allows you to improve your lifestyle and meet new people? I felt that way too and I'm going to tell you how learning salsa has changed my life in an incredibly positive way.... + read more

The best salsa songs to dance

When we start dancing, it helps a lot to know the type of music best suited to learn and evolve, to practice what we learned in dance classes. The best songs or themes, of the style that we like to dance, are almost always the slowest, because they usually give us a marked rhythm and it will be easier to identify the times. In this way we will be able to assimilate the movements, and the boy will have the seconds he needs to think about the next movement and indicate it to his partner.... + read more

Types of Cuban dances

There are many types of Cuban dances that are danced today and today we explain to you what they are, how they were born and how they are danced. Come in, comment and share. Viva CUBA.... + read more

Basic salsa steps for beginners

How many steps to learn to dance salsa are necessary to dance to an entire song? There are many figures, many possible combinations. But in no way is it essential to be an expert dancer, to dance a salsa song on your favorite dance floor. What's more, with 8 basic salsa steps, you can dance to an entire song.... + read more

Why and where to do salsa classes in Barcelona

If you like to shake your hips to the rhythm of salsa and live in Barcelona, you're in luck. You must release the mental ballast that prevents you from taking the step and sign up for some of the salsa classes in Barcelona that we propose below. But first, learn what the mental and physical benefits of practicing it are.... + read more

Learn cuban salsa in Las Palmas

If you're looking for salsa dancing in Las Palmas, you're in luck. A few days ago I was contacted by a friend of mine from this wonderful land and he told me the following story...... + read more

10 dance halls to dance salsa and bachata in Seville

If you're looking for a place to dance salsa and bachata in Seville, you're lucky because in southern Spain it's an ideal place to go salsa dancing every night. Have you ever been dancing salsa in a dance hall in Seville? If so, enter here...... + read more

10 places to dance salsa and bachata in Valencia

If you're looking for a place to dance salsa and bachata in Valencia we've created this list of the 10 most famous dance clubs to go dancing in Valencia but if you're looking for the closest club to where you are or the dance hall in Valencia that's open today, I recommend you go straight to the go&dance dance room finder.... + read more

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