How many times have you been recommended to take salsa classes and made up an excuse or two not to?

Maybe your case is for lack of time, motivation, ignorance, fear or for many other logical reasons or not, but from now on I can tell you that salsa dancing is fantastic.

You may not think salsa dancing is your thing, but I assure you that if you try it you will discover a new world.

Would you like to meet new people? Make friends all the time? Laugh at fun physical activity? Have more plans than you ever imagined?

If your answer is yes, or maybe it is or what's here for me.... read on!

Here are the 7 most common reasons why everyone (who doesn't dance salsa) doesn't want to sign up for salsa dancing.

The 7 most common excuses people say for NOT signing up to learn to dance salsa

If at any time you have said or thought of any of these reasons (or others) for not signing up for salsa, please tell us which one in the comments of the post. We would love to expand this content with your reason.

infographics with the 7 excuses that are usually said not to join salsa classes


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1# I don't have time. I am very busy and do not have time to go to class

The number one answer is I don't have time'. But in reality the lack of time is a lack of organization or a lack of priority management.

I assure you that once you try it you will not have the time to continue dancing.

If there are so many schools with salsa classes it means that there is a large salsa community around the world.

What are you waiting for to be part of it for?


2# Dancing is not my thing

Surely you say... I like to see people dancing salsa, it sounds like fun, but it doesn't motivate me, I prefer to do other things.

How can you know you don't like something if you haven't even tried it?

If your best friend dances salsa and tells you that you should also sign up for classes, it's because he or she really knows you'll like it too.

Lack of motivation is one of the main factors that makes many people miss the great opportunity to enjoy salsa dancing.

Just try a first kind of salsa and then we'll discuss it again. I assure you that 1 hour a week won't be enough.


3# I won't sign up for salsa if I have to go alone (I don't have a partner)

Do you know how many people who started those salsa classes without knowing anyone and end up creating a great social life around their new passion?

Don't worry, there are many people who share the same hobby in the salsa academies and from there you will make many friends.

It's probably fear or shame, everyone has their own motives, but as we've already mentioned that's just excuses we say to ourselves.

The solution is to invite your best friend, partner or family member, so you don't have to go alone. And if no one is encouraged, the salseros are very social, friendly and eager to welcome new dancers.


4# I'm ashamed to dance with strangers

In fact, we all go through that first stage and think we're embarrassed to dance with strangers. But it's really a thought caused by fear of the unknown.

The same way you can have a conversation with a stranger, dancing is the same thing. Dance is a language that allows us to communicate with the body with anyone, regardless of race or origin.

Dancing is a form of expression and is a very nice activity that allows you to communicate anywhere in the world.

You probably won't be able to have a conversation with a Chinese or an Englishman, but imagine how nice it is to be able to dance with a person you don't know and enjoy a good salsa song together.

You only have to try it to feel the beauty of this wide language.

Leave the shame at home and let yourself be carried away by the music and language of salsa dancing!


5# I have no coordination. I don't think I can dance well and I don't know how to make a step.

It's obvious you can't salsa dance if you haven't signed up for class yet.

Do you think great dancers were born with learned and automated steps?

No one is born knowing how to dance well. That's why you have to take your first class to discover that you can also be a salsa player on the dance floor and that with a little practice you will surprise yourself.

Any activity requires learning, constancy and practice, and in this life we all have to start from scratch to be able to carry out any activity.

Don't be afraid to learn to salsa dance, don't put up barriers that aren't there and open yourself up to try the world of salsa, enjoy the music and dance until five hundred in the morning every Saturday night.

And I'll probably fall short of saying that you're going to dance alone on Saturday, because once you try it and get hooked you're going to want to dance forever.


6# Salsa lessons are sure to be very expensive

MISTAKE! Dancing is not expensive.

There are many academies that offer monthly packages and courses for very interesting and very good prices.

Just go to our dance school section and find your next school with active courses near you that match your interests.


7# I'm not motivated by salsa dancing, I prefer to do another activity

How can you know something doesn't motivate you if you haven't tried it yet?

It's perfect if you play paddle tennis, go to the gym, do yoga, do pilates or like to go for a run every morning, but salsa can also be a very healthy physical activity that can be included in your weekly routine without any problems.

You don't have to stop doing the other salsa dancing activities. You can simply include it in your life and you will see that it is not an over-exertion to do so. In fact, it'll change your life for the better.

In addition, the sauce will allow you to meet lots of new people and is also classified as aerobic exercise.

So if you start getting tired of those gym classes, change the chip and learn to salsa dance!

In each academy new steps are learned and even though starting out is a chall

enge, once you feel the salsa music, connect and your body will only enjoy it as the most.

Shall we go salsa dancing together?

Enjoy these salsa class videos and get started!

Video with advanced online salsa classes:


Video with salsa caleña or colombian classes:

Now you know some of the most typical excuses people use to avoid signing up for salsa dancing.

And you, what excuse did you use before you signed up to dance salsa or what are the most common excuses you hear from your circle of friends.

Tell us which one is yours in the comments!

We'd love to know them all!