Is it true that you have decided to dance salsa and when you take a few dance classes in a salsa school you discover that you love it? That's because you're starting to realize some things.

From day one there was something that caught me. I began to realize that dancing is a whole world. A totally unknown world before I sign up for salsa classes but with time and the more I danced, the more I wanted to learn, and the more I wanted to get better and the more people I met. An ideal world! hehe

In fact, when you enter to this wonderful world of dance you discover these 6 things that have the salsa, bachata, kizomba or any other social dance.

1. There are more people dancing salsa than you thought

You start to tell your friends you have signed up to salsa classes and you discover that there are many people you know who also dance, or they are either thinking to sign up, or they danced in one moment of their live (at the end at some point everyone returns at dancing).

2. You can dance with whoever you want

There is a good vibe in general and you can dance with whomever you want. In fact as you afford to dance with a world champion because they are very close and that does not happen in any other hobby.

3. Going to dance is secure if you want to have fun

That is, before when you went out to a nightclub could be that you had a good time or not. Go dancing salsa, bachata or Kizomba is secure. If you want to dance and you ask to dance to someone you will have fun. In addition there are many places and days when you can go dancing. You can go to dance any Tuesday, Sunday or almost any day of the week.

4. There are people of all ages dancing so it is never too late to start dancing

You realize that there are people of all ages learning to dance and dancing tracks. I personally love it because apart from that dancing is global it is for all ages and that is perfect.

Dancing is very good for your health as you exercise your brain and body and also having a great time you release stress so it is never too late to start dancing.

5. You get to know people like never before

I can honestly say that never in my life I have met so many people and done it as fast as when you start salsa lessons.

Suddenly you find out that in the class you are attending there is a group of WhatsApp organizing a dinner dance or thinking over what the next salsa festival or congress of salsa that they will go and you join them soon and of course they are delighted to welcome you. That happens in all classes and courses you will go.

6. If you practice you learn very fast

Finally, when you begin to dance you realize that the more you dance the faster you improve. It is true that some people learn faster and much more easily but basically if you go to dance, practice the steps learned you will improve while having fun.

In go&dance we would like you to enjoy the dance as many other people are doing and take advantage of all its benefits.


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