In the salsa lessons I have done over the years I have been very lucky for dance teachers I have ever had. They have always repeated countless details to correct technique, posture, and all this time, so that the dance movement was smoother, easier, more beautiful and of course to get to enjoy more. And you know what?, They were right.

At the end I realized that in order to improve you have to want it. You have to know how to listen to those who already are where you want to go and practice it as much as you can.

In fact, one of the most difficult things to me was to give two spins on my right foot without losing my balance. But now I get it although it is not always very stylish.

But, you know how I did it?

Recalling before each spin the advice of my salsa teachers and now I have summarized in the 5 things you must remember to dance salsa to get the perfect spin without falling or getting dizzy.

1. Prepare yourself for the rotation; the key is on the shoulders

When you are about to do spin you must prepare yourself before. For this reason you should turn your shoulders slightly to the opposite side to where you are going to turn to gain momentum.

Once done that with arms thrust date but remembering what transmits the force are your shoulders, arms help you but do not make you turn. You should think your shoulders rotate first and then follows the body.

Someone told me that the ideal position for your arms is as if you hug someone and put your elbows slightly below the shoulders and keep them out in front of the body.

2. The kickstand is your axis and never be missed

You must transmit the force of the movement until the fulcrum on which you were turning. The foot will be the tip of the imaginary axis on which you must turn. Therefore it is very important posture in dance. If you lose the shaft you are probably going to lose your balance.

3. Your body should be in tension to transmit the force of rotation

To give many laps when you dance is important to keep the body tense. It helps a lot to have a strong stomach, but if it is not the case think of putting pressure on the abdomen and groin, as doing so will help to turn.

4. Look at your partner as long as possible, FOCUS!

This is the key point to avoid making you dizzy and not to be able to turn many times without losing the shaft.

When you dance you have to keep your focus and attention on your partner. By the time you are turning your head has to keep focused on your partner as much time as you can and at that moment you must turn your head quickly to regain its look. If you do it you will see a huge change.

In fact, when you do that you will note much more security and confidence in your turn.

5. Let flow the movement and slide your feet on the ground

Having done all this, now you just have to let it flow and let slip motion feet. I know it sounds obvious but the movements are made to flow and not to cut them.

As we always say, the key is to practice. Because practicing makes you perfect.

Our mission is to help you enjoy dancing wherever you are and whenever you think of dance think in go&dance.


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