If you're looking for salsa dancing in Las Palmas, you're in luck. A few days ago I was contacted by a friend from that wonderful land and he told me the following story....

It was a few years ago when I was offered a free salsa class. I'd been wanting to learn salsa for years (because I didn't know any other styles); because when I went out on a party, especially for Cuban salsa in Las Palmas, I felt very clumsy and without rhythm.

I can say that after trying that class, I signed up without thinking about it. They're one of those things in life that you haven't fully tested until the tests.

Salsa music was never a rhythm that I liked; however, it was to sign me up, and I didn't let it go, I got hooked all at once. I've always loved dancing (in a hobby way), I was gradually catching the rhythm of Latin music, especially at first when you have to mark the steps with your feet. When the feet started to go alone I began to enjoy dancing even more, since I could concentrate more on the new movements I was going to start.

people dancing salsa from the dance school here you can dance the palms

(Image courtesy of the school Here Las Palmas Dances)

 personas bailando salsa de la escuela de baile aqui se baila las palmas

Did you know that dancing brings with it many health benefits? well, that's right, and I could see them firsthand.

What I didn't realize is that I began to enjoy music almost without realizing it. As the human being is always used to seeing the negative side of things, I learned to appreciate that I enjoyed dancing very much.

I could even say that dancing is even therapeutic, why?

Isn't it true that every day you go to your dance school you forget all the problems you've had during the day and it helps you to disconnect?

Dancing for me is a great distraction that covers all our senses to disconnect from all those problems we have in everyday life.

Personally he has helped me in many things, such as the ones I leave on the following list:

Helps you to quickly search for brain information
Improve your mood
You sleep better
Losing weight
Improves your blood circulation and cardiovascular function
Increase your lung capacity
You are also in a social environment where you meet people who share the same hobbies.

I have to say that I also improved physically, it helped me to avoid injuries, muscular pains, I improved my elasticity, etc.

The truth is that until I didn't start the salsa classes, I didn't realize how many people liked Latin dances, even how many places there were for Cuban salsa in Las Palmas to go dancing, where I live.

My dance school and my second home is currently Escuela de Baile Las Palmas AquíSeBaila where I teach group dance classes and have a great time.

They teach the most famous Latin dance classes: Salsa Cubana, Salsa LA Línea, Salsa Mambo NY, Bachata Dominicana, Bachata Sensual, Estilo chicas, Kizomba, etc.

I must point out that I am very comfortable in this academy. Classes become dynamic as teachers make this happen. The atmosphere is very good, because you can appreciate the good work of the people.

Something I liked very much is that in December last year, they gave classes of all styles but to learn not only dance, but even more about the style itself, how to identify the instruments, tricks to pick up the rhythms, learn to follow the steps, etc.; that is, they were more didactic classes and I learned a lot.

So if it's your case and you want to learn Cuban salsa in Las Palmas I recommend this place.

logo of the school here you can dance the palms

(School Logo Here You Dance Las Palmas)

 logo de la escuela aqui se baila las palmas

Thank you so much and let's dance!!

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