How many steps to learn to dance salsa are necessary to dance to an entire song? There are many figures, many possible combinations. But in no way is it essential to be an expert dancer, to dance a salsa song on your favorite dance floor.

What's more, with 8 basic salsa steps, you can dance to an entire song.

Would you like to know which salsa steps for beginners are the first ones you should learn?

To get started, just keep reading. ;)

Just a little recommendation... sign up for salsa classes in a dance school and don't learn on your own (it's faster and more effective).


Salsa is danced in eight beats
Salsa has 8 musical beats, divided into two parts. 4 and 8 are pauses. Typically, a woman begins to dance with her right foot backward in step one, and the man begins to dance with his left foot forward.

Ideally, at first you should get used to counting the times while doing the salsa steps, and for that you must listen to a song while dancing or do it without music singing... 1,2,3... 5,6,7... It is very common to find the time but for it in the dance schools you have near where you live teaches perfection.

If you have recently started dancing salsa, tell us what it costs you most (in the comments of the post)


Some basic salsa steps

The first step
If you move from the place, you have to do the 8 strokes with your feet. The next step will be to move forward and backward, pausing briefly in step 4 and longer in step 8.

It is fundamental in the sauce to never repeat the same foot, the steps are similar to when we walk.


Cuban Base Passage
This step consists of keeping a rhythm of three quick steps, followed by a pause. Start with one foot back, step on the floor with the other foot, and return to the first position. After a short pause, the feet are changed to repeat the same movements. It is important that the step backwards is smooth. It's about making the figure agile.

The first round
How could you give an aesthetic individual twist? This way: Take a step forward with your left foot in the first half. In the second half, turn your body 180 degrees, turning your weight toward the sole of your right foot. In the third time, turn again to complete the circle to the original position, placing your feet together.

If you are the boy, you will take your partner's arm and move it to the left, indicating that it is turned to the left. On the step count, she should make the turn in step 7.

If you're the girl, steps 1 through 6 will be done normally. At step 6 you will make a 180 degree turn to your left, finishing the turn at step 7. Ideally, your right heel should be high, and the weight on your left foot.

In step number 8 you will be looking backwards. The next step is to bring your right foot behind the left, and complete the entire lap.

Here you can see 6 basic steps of Cuban salsa that you have to know if you want to dance.

Tell him not to
The "tell him no" is a very popular step, especially in Cuban-style salsa, to dance as a couple. It begins in the initial grip position between pairs, and the end of the figure is with one hand held.

The name "tell her no" is derived from an oscillating movement of the man or the leader of the couple, one step forward and one step backwards, in steps 1-2-3, while the woman performs, in time 5 a magician figure and changes its position in the shape of a half-moon.

This way, with this figure the broken woman moves away from her dancing partner. The end of the movement is with the man pulling towards himself (with only one hand) of the woman and placing both face to face, but on the opposite side to the original.

Simple plug
It's another of the basic steps of salsa. There is a change of position between boy and girl. The boy marks the movement with his left foot, walks with his right foot, and in time 3 he walks again with his left foot and starts a half turn to the right. In the second measure, he will score 5,6,7 in front and with full grip with the girl. When walking in time 2, she pushes the girl to turn and change position, raising her left arm so that the girl passes under her arm.

In the case of the girl, she will mark a compass in the first half with her right foot and walks with her left foot, advancing in time 3 with her right foot and starting a half turn to the left.
There are many more basic steps to salsa dancing, but these are the first steps we've discussed.

Have you started salsa dancing? Have you been doing this for a long time? Tell us about your experience, and share the article so that other people can start dancing.