5 Basic Swing Steps you Must Learn to Start Dancing

If you're a dance lover, and swing is on your list of styles to learn, after reading this post about swing steps for beginners, you're sure to start those long awaited lessons. Swinging is a very social and joyful dance that allows you to move your body naturally, meet new people and enjoy life more wherever you go. For this reason, we have taken the time to select 6 of the basic swing steps that will allow you to learn this dance from scratch.... + read more

8 VERY famous songs for non-stop SWING dancing, right?

Are you one of those who play Swing songs at home and can't help but dance and move to the beat of the music while doing other things? It happens to me all the time. Does it happen to you? That's why at go&dance we've made a small selection of 6 of the best and most famous tracks of all time to dance to, to show that this cool style can also be danced to without a partner!... + read more

4 reasons to start dancing Swing that you can't imagine

As you know, Swing and dancing in general is an activity that keeps your mind alive and gives you a lot of energy. But in this post we're going to tell you 4 reasons why you should start swinging and maybe you didn't imagine. Until NOW, of course. 😊... + read more

Types of Swing dancing, where to dance and where to learn

Are you looking for a place to swing or learn lindy hop? is normal because the phenomenon of swing is expanding in Spain at a good pace... We tell you examples and videos of the types of swing dance that there are, where to learn it and where to dance it in Barcelona.... + read more

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