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How dare you get to dance with a girl

Have you ever been in a ballroom, you are watching people dancing, you see a girl while she is dancing and you say to yourself ... "The next song I will ask to dance with her for sure." The next song arrives and there is something inside of you that do not let you move, you get stucked and scared and you do not say anything to her. In that moment you feel frustrated with yourself and start telling excuses such as: the next song I will go, this song is too fast so it is better to dance the next one, I think he knows more than I do ... How many excuses you can get put?

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The story of a maverick salsero

5 years ago living in Budapest while an Erasmus period I was completely unaware of the world of salsa. I have always loved dancing and at that time I had a lot of free time so I wanted to meet people and have some fun. One day in the way to class I saw a notice on the bulletin board of the university, and with my roommate we signed up for salsa classes in Hungarian. Hardly anyone spoke English, we had no idea of ​​Hungarian and we did not understand anything of what we were told. But with patience, copying the teacher’s steps and following the rhythm of the music we learned something in some way.

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Initializing session with facebook