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How dare you get to dance with a girl

Have you ever been in a ballroom, you are watching people dancing, you see a girl while she is dancing and you say to yourself ... "The next song I will ask to dance with her for sure." The next song arrives and there is something inside of you that do not let you move, you get stucked and scared and you do not say anything to her. In that moment you feel frustrated with yourself and start telling excuses such as: the next song I will go, this song is too fast so it is better to dance the next one, I think he knows more than I do ... How many excuses you can get put?

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4 tricks to remember all the steps learned in class

Have you ever been dancing and you can’t remember the step you learned in your last class? it has happened to me many times and this gives me a lot of anger. It would be ideal to be able to remember all the steps that one has ever learned in classes, workshops or watching videos online. But the truth is that we do not remember the movements and we have done a thousand of things to try it such us putting names to the steps, recording them on video or watching them again and again. But you wonder why this is not enough? The problem is how the memory process works and what we do is not all we need to do to remember all the steps.

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