The 10 Best Tango Songs and Lyrics to Dance

Are you passionate about tango or is it a style of dance that you would like to learn how to dance? If you are starting to connect with the world of tango we recommend that you have a good playlist of tango songs available. For this reason, we have made a selection of the most famous and attractive tango songs for you to listen to in your free time, on your way to work or as background music while you take a break.... + read more

Types of Tango - Discover 5 ways to dance Tango that you didn't know before

Tango is a style that is highly improvised, personal and impulsive. For these reasons, it has quickly evolved and from traditional tango there have arisen multiple styles of tango practiced worldwide. One of the characteristics that determines each style of tango is how it is danced, taking into account the movements, tempos, speed, and posture in the embrace. Did you know that there were different styles of tango? Well yes and in this post, we show you with videos of examples of the 5 styles of tango... + read more

The Best 5 Cities in the World to Dance Tango

If you have ever thought about traveling the world to dance tango or on the contrary have been on a trip and wondered where I can dance tango today in this city. In this post from the go&dance blog we are going to help by showing you 5 of the best cities to dance Tango in the world. If you know of any place that we don't mention, I encourage you to write it down in the comments. We're going to dance Tango all over the world!... + read more

All about Tango and its Origins

Do you want to know everything about tango? This post is exclusively dedicated to tango. We explain everything about tango, starting with its origins, its definition by default, tango as a dance style and the most representative authors of this style. Finally, we selected Argentina as the best destination to learn this passionate dance born in this land. ... + read more

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