9 days travelling around Cuba in a group and dancing salsa non-stop

If you've ever thought about taking a trip to Cuba to discover its culture, enjoy the wonderful surroundings and also to enjoy salsa directly from Cuba, today we're showing you the experience and story of one of the salsa travelers from the trip to Cuba organized by our friends from the TravelToDance dance travel agency.... + read more

How to dance well any dance

If you want to learn to dance well as a professional you must have patience and practice a lot. But I'm sure these 9 tips on learning how to dance will help you. Come on, dancer or dancer!! ... + read more

This is the perfect formula to meet new people like you

Many people approach the world of dancing to meet new people learning to dance, to release stress, to exercise and/or to enjoy new plans that arise and that you only find out when you enter this wonderful world. If you're already part of this world, you know what I mean, right? (heje);;) The point is that if you want to meet new people you have to...... + read more

How to choose the best dancing shoes for you?

¿Me equivoco si digo que el baile te apasiona, te llena de vida, de felicidad, de alegría y que además esperas con ganas a que llegue tu próxima clase o salida a bailar para romper la rutina del día a día y destrozar la pista con tus zapatos de baile? El caso es que para que vuelvas a tope a la temporada bailona, tras la época vacacional, quizás estaría bien echarle un vistazo a la ropa que usas para bailar, al estado de tus zapatos de baile y a los complementos con que cuentas. Pero, ¿por qué estaría bien que lo revisarás?... + read more

How to overcome the embarrassment of going alone to salsa classes

If you want to learn to dance because you like it, you've gone to a disco and would like to interact with people but you still don't know how to dance or dare to do it out of shame, the best option is to sign up for salsa classes as soon as possible. Don't you have a date? Are you ashamed to go to class alone and have to dance with people you don't know at all?... + read more

How to find where to dance salsa when you travel

Would you like to combine your holiday, whatever your destination, with a good social dancing session? The holidays arrive and we plan our trips. If we love salsa dancing and don't want to spend our entire holiday season without enjoying what we like best, in addition to exercising and remembering the latest figures we've learned in our dance academy, or we just can't conceive of a good holiday without dancing, we have to find the right place to dance salsa in our vacation destination. Wherever you go, I'm sure that not too far away you will find a place to dance, either alone or in a couple.... + read more

6 Keys to learn to dance bachata like a pro

Every time we want to learn a new dance style like bachata, it is possible to reach an acceptable minimum level in a short time, a level with which you can dance bachata throughout a song with anyone, although girls always get it first. To reach this level in a few months is essential to learn to dance bachata, practice a lot and train with professionals.... + read more

5 tricks to get the perfect spin when you dance salsa

In the salsa lessons I have done over the years I have been very lucky for dance teachers I have ever had. They have always repeated countless details to correct technique, posture, and all this time, so that the dance movement was smoother, easier, more beautiful and of course to get to enjoy more. And you know what?, They were right.... + read more

4 tricks to get the perfect spin to the girl to dance salsa

When you dance salsa with a girl there is a time that someone tells you what are his keys to be able to give one, two or three perfect spins, seemingly effortless and stylish. In fact, these tips are often small details that if you consider and apply to the dancing, the movements become more fluid, easier, with less effort and thus are infinitely better. After years dancing and attending to salsa classes in different dance schools I can tell you the four things that have helped me to make the turns to the girls much easier while I dance salsa.... + read more

What to do to attend a congress of Salsa, Bachata or Kizomba

When I started dancing salsa I thought people were aimed to join salsa lessons to learn some steps and to apply them in their usual club. I did not know you could go dancing at many sites and that existed salsa congresses and festivals worldwide. That time passed, I made more salsa lessons, I started to dance in dance clubs, I signed up to other styles of dance (bachata, Kizomba ...) and eventually my interest was piqued by attending a congress of salsa and bachata to learn more, try other teachers and teaching methods and have a great time dancing. ... + read more

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