Masterclass Solidaria I Love Martina

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From Sunday 27 of November at 12:00 to Sunday 27 of November at 14:00
This event finished on 27 Nov 2016


I love Martina
I love Martina


AMPA Escola Mediterrània
Avinguda Jocs Olimpics, 11
08840 - Viladecáns


On November 27th, we are waiting for you all at the great party! You can not miss it !!

It's a solidarity fundraiser for Martina. If you can not come, thank you for sharing the event. Maybe some friend can come and dance for Martina.

All the information on the Facebook page.


Martina is a 3 year old girl who at 10 months suffered a sudden aborted death, followed by neurological crisis after her resuscitation. Due to the lack of oxygen and to those crises that left lesions in his brain, there were neurological sequels: lack of vision, lack of motor skills, speech and awareness of the environment.

Martina struggles day by day to overcome herself with her sessions of physiotherapy, speech therapy, visual stimulation ...

There is no history of possible recovery treatments, only daily work and total stimulation of their environment.

Però there is a neurobiological recovery treatment that Martina is starting that may help her recover parts of the affected areas. And Martina is fighting today.

For this we ask for your collaboration in the events that we will organize for this cause, to be able to face this treatment of very high cost and to cover other needs of Martina.

As her greatest need is the stimulation of everyone who surrounds her, WE ARE ALL MARTINA, that's why I LOVE MARTINA.

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