Kizomba and Zouk in Seven Dance (Eixample)

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Every Saturday from 23:00 to 03:00
Kizomba - Semba - Tarraxinha - Zouk
This event finished on 03 Mar 2018


Passatge d'en sagristà 7
08029 - Barcelona


Only Zouk and only Kizomba with Kiz & Soul - Guiu & Borboleta and Jordi Siñol Caeiro

2 exclusive rooms for these 2 styles.

Workshop from 23:15 to 23:45

Room 5 Kizomba until 03:00.

Room 6 ZOUK until 02:30

2 exclusive rooms for these 2 styles.

-255m2 skilful with floating parquet so you can dance 4h. Without your legs suffering.

"You're totally diaphanous."

- Only entry for dancers.


Seven Dance - Districte L'Eixample and thinking of the best for you and to conserve and continue to promote the good atmosphere, as well as the exclusivity of the practice sessions that are called Dio Club, to access the school, it will be necessary to present the card Access to workshops, classes and practice activities.

If you do not already have it, request it through the web at the link: and it will be delivered to you FREE of charge the same day when entering the school or through the e-mails: info @ sevendance .com or

Necessary information:

- ID (Required to present at pick up)

- Phone

- Email

- Recommended by: (School, Teacher)

You will be given the same day that you come to the activities of Dio Club that they do in Seven Dance School Dance.

Standards and Recommendations:

- It is forbidden to put talc or resin to the ground (we could cause serious injuries to third parties) we recommend suitable footwear.

- Hygiene and personal hygiene are aspects that we should not forget as well as the clothes

Alcohol is not served at these practice sessions.


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No es necesario, pero si aportar tu documentación para poder accerder

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