Let's Dance Barcelona Festival 2017 (EVENTO CANCELADO)

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From Saturday 30 of December at 10:00 to Sunday 31 of December at 05:00
Afro - Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Dominican Bachata - Kizomba - Mambo - Pachanga - Rueda casino - Rumba - Salsa - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata - Timba - Urban Kizz
This event finished on 31 Dec 2017


Inefc Barcelona
Avinguda de l'Estadi, 12
08038 - Barcelona



The stunning installations of Inefc Barcelona, in Montjuic, just 15 minutes from the Plaza España metro station will host the I Les't Dance Barcelona Music & Dance Festival next Saturday, December 30th. The best way to bid farewell the year with a whole day dedicated to Afro-Latin rhythms: Salsa, Mambo, Timba, Bachata and Kizomba in four different areas for workshops and parties and the competition "1st City Trophy for the best Afro-Latin show" with 1000€ in cash at the professional line and 500€ at the amateur line (information below). added to the shows of the great figures.


Chiquito and his Dominican Power (complete)

Tania Cannarsa


Chaves and Silvia

Nuno and Nagyla



Frank Santos

Evelyn La Negra

Isaac and Mireya

Carlos and Pamela

Andrew and Trini

Peter and Zoe

Frank and Jessica

Pele and Ana

Sixto Duque

Jose Cruz

Juan and Jessi


Franco Rocha

Mario Layunta

Emiliano Sosa

Andrew and Trini

Latin Jam

Urban Legend

Sebastián Mambo Project

Frank and Jessica

Jose Cruz

Music by Mambo Collective

and more to confirm.....


Orliandys Miñoso

Julius Naples

Adrian and Damaris

Pedro Gea

Miguel Tumbao

Sonia and Kevin

Sixto Duque

Osdanys and Nika



Riky Ximenez

Cuban style

Dj Alberz Legendary

And more to confirm.....


Elsa and Sergi

Jose and Yoli

Nuno and Sarai

Jaime and Sandra

Sergio and Maria


Dj Antony Taraxa

Dj Don Doni Faverao

and more to confirm.....


45€ in advance FULL PASS (Workshops, shows and Fiesta)

55€ at door

Acquire it with participating artists or schools or at:

AP Productions

+00 34 933-42 54 51

+ 00 34 60971 89 71



Avinguda De L' estadi 12-22 Barcelona

Inefc - Montjuic

Metro Plaza España (L1) (L3)

Barcelona City


General Basis

This competition aims to choose an absolute champion (soloist, couple or group) to the Best Afrolatino Show, so they can compete with each other rhythms such as Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Afro-Cuban, Chachachá or fusion, among others.

Participants can be from Barcelona, Spain or other countries, bearing in mind that this is an international event. Minors may participate as long as they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.

A prize of 1000€ will be given to the winner of the professional line and 500€ to the amateur line, only in case of a tie would the prize be divided between the two involved 50%. Although they do not have a cash prize, the jury reserves the right to award special mentions to the best shows in their style: Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba if several of the same category are presented. In order to carry out this competition, a minimum of 8 competitors per category (8 professionals and 8 amateurs) must be present.

Any newly created show or show that has been mounted and exhibited between 2016 and 2017 can participate. It is recommended that the show does not exceed 5 minutes.

Amateur groups must be non-professional dancers whose economic activity does not depend on dance. If one of the group members is a professional, they must leave the group or the whole group will have to go to the professional category.

The competition will take place in the Les't Dance Barcelona festival on Saturday 30th December 2017 in a large stage with lights and sound of first quality in the impressive facilities of INEFC Barcelona. The jury will be made up of the great figures on the poster of the event.

It will be taken into account for voting choreography, technique, time, projection, synchronization, in case of couples and groups, as well as dress and stage presence.


Registration will be open from 28 November to 10 December. Just send a video to whatsapp +00 34 659090696 describing name of the artist or group, category in which it competes (professional or amateur) genre with which it competes (salsa, bachata, kizomba, afro...) number of components, place of origin, telephone, email and page in social networks if t

The price of the inscription per person will be 25€ which will give you the right to compete to enjoy workshops, shows and the party during the whole Saturday of the event. It is recommended to register as soon as possible because with 10 participants per category, the space will be closed. In case there is a high demand for applications would be looking to make a knockout on Friday night or noon on the same Saturday, during the event, for those who have not been able to stay within the 20 seats available between the two categories... If a group or person decides not to act, the registration fee will not be refunded.

More information about the competition: 659090696


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