Escapada Salsera Calpe 2018 (11th Edition)

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From Friday 2 of March at 18:00 to Sunday 4 of March at 15:00
Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Kizomba - Mambo - Rueda casino - Rumba - Salsa - Salsa Caleña - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata - Son - Timba
This event finished on 04 Mar 2018


Hotel AR Diamante Beach
Avenida Juan Carlos I, 48
03710 - Calpe


The next 2 - 3 - 4 March 2018 will be held in Calpe[ALICANTE] the ESCAPADA SALSERA organized by the School Rumbaché - Ramon & Pilar, and with this will be 11 editions.

3 days of workshops, 2 nights of partying in 4 rooms.

More than 40 international, national and local teachers.

More than 50 workshops... all styles and all levels.

More than 2,000 m2 of spectacular facilities for dancing.

Our Escapada is an event where the salsero will be able to find everything, there will be workshops of Salsa L. A.., Salsa Cubana, Afro-Rumba, Bachata Dominicana, Sensual, Pasos Libres, Cha Cha, Salsaton, Mambo, Rueda Casino, Salsa Fusion Hip Hop, On2, Kizomba, Boogaloo, Pachanga, Musicalidad, Zumba, Semba, Reggaetón, Kuduro, etc.... always respecting the levels because there will be specific and recommended carvings for Initiation, as well as for Advanced.

******** ARTISTS ************

Tito Ortos Gutierrez[Puerto Rico]

Andy Gonzalo Varona II[Cuba/Zurich/Switzerland] Andy Gonzalo Varona II[Cuba/Zurich/Switzerland]


RAFAEL GONZALEZ dei Tropical Gem[Cuba/Switzerland] - RAFAEL GONZALEZ dei Tropical Gem[Cuba/Switzerland])

Yuniel Gual Sondeakokan (Cuba/Italy)

Addy Mendoza Sondeakokan[Cuba/Italy]

Erik Y Monika Eym Salsa Erik and Monika[Vitoria/Esp] - Erik Y Monika Eym Salsa Erik and Monika[Vitoria/Esp

Fred Dancefloor[France/Switzerland]

Coco Corinne (France/Switzerland)

Luigi Bianco Full Project[Bari/Italy]

Rogelio Lorda[Cuba/Bcn] Rogelio Lorda

Bonifácio Aurio - Mr. Tuffas[Angola/Lisbon]

Paul & Raquel Bachata[Cadiz/Esp]

Ouzin Gozmir[Marroc/Lisbon]

Ariella Pires[Brazil/Lisbon] - Ariella Pires

Jamba Jamba M[Angola/Prague] - Jamba Jamba M[Angola/Prague

Zergyo and Eva Mambo[Mexico/Castellon]

Evelyn Viana Lovera La Negra[Venezuela/Bcn] - Evelyn Viana Lovera La Negra[Venezuela/Bcn])

Alfredo Dinamico Alarcon[Ecuador/Ali] - Alfredo Dinamico Alarcon[Ecuador/Ali]

Andrea Gurgenidze (Georgia/Ali)

Alfredo and Andrea Dynamic Taste[Calicante]

Franco Rocha II[Uruguay/Bcn] Franco Rocha II

MagicDance CarmenLorente[Valencia/Esp] - MagicDance CarmenLorente[Valencia/Esp]

Iván and María Salsa Bachata Spain[Valencia/Esp)

Julia Barrios Salsa Gandia[Gandia/Esp] by Julia Salsa Gandia

Lauren Barrios Ballem or what? Dance Academy[Gandia]

Pablo Cristina[Castellon/Esp)

Esteban and Sandra Kizomba (Valencia/Esp)

Carmina Salsa La Seño[Valencia/Esp] - Carmina Salsa La Seño[Valencia/Esp]

Julián Allepuz Roca[Valencia/Esp)

Carmen Monzó Iñiguez (Valencia/Esp)

Jeanette Tavares & Déborah Sanchez[Valencia/Esp]-

Andres Navarro Pitarch[Valencia/Esp)

Anthony and Carla Dominican Flow[S. Sunday/Valencia]

Fermin & Gloria Salsa In Calpe Dance School[Calpe]

Ramon Pilar[organizers]

*****MUSICIANS & DJ' S ******.

Leobel Abreu DjLeo de Cuba[Cuba/Nuremberg/Germany]

Pablo Bat[Argentina/Vlc] - Pablo Bat

Ramiro Delgado DJ RAMS"Official Fan Page"[Lisbon/Portugal]

Willie Beckham[Ecuador/Madrid]

Mario Edo[Valencia/Esp] - Mario Edo[Valencia/Esp]

La Negra Dj[Venezuela/Bcn] - The Black Dj

Dj Ramon Rumbache[Valencia/Esp]

****** THIS YEAR' S NOVELTIES ******

In this edition we bet strongly on bachata.

We added a 4th Room for the Social of "Bachata" with Dj Willie Beckham from Madrid and Dj Evelyn La Negra from Barcelona.

Pablo Perez and Raquel De Castro[one of the most relevant couples in the Bachatero panorama] premiere at our event.

Iván Orient Martin & María Meléndez Pérez also join the poster.

Anthony Bachata Rodríguez[Anthony Salsa Rodriguez] and Carla Torres Fenech also participate in the event for the first time.

Andy Gonzalo Varona is a talented young man based in Zurich, an excellent Columbiero who dominates both the salsa and its fusion with different styles as well as almost all the popular Cuban dances, master of Afro and Rumba for the first time in Valencia.

We also added Yuniel Gual and Addy Mendoza to our staff of teachers who, with their incredible didactics and flavorfulness, will surely fall in love with the public of our salsa break.

After several years of trying at last we finally managed to get the earthquake in Moscow, the freshness and overflowing energy of a Cuban machine called DIANA RODRIGUEZ.

Leobel Abreu DjLeo from Cuba is also one of the best DJs in the salsa circuit, as is the Cuban Leobel Abreu DjLeo from Cuba.

Another novelty will be the couple formed by Zergyo Mambo and Eva Mambo from Castellón.

In the Kizomba section, we bet on two international and world-renowned figures such as Jamba Jamba M from Prague and Bonifacio Aurio[Bonifácio Aurio - Mr. Tuffas] from Lisbon.

****** CONGRESS PRICES ******:

40€ FULL PASS[without accommodation]

85€ FULL PASS + 1 NIGHT on PC[Diamond Beach Hotel]

145€ FULL PASS + 2 NIGHTS on PC[Diamond Beach Hotel]

80€ FULL PASS + 1 NIGHT on PC[Ap. Ambar Beach]

140€ FULL PASS + 2 NIGHTS on PC[Ap. Ambar Beach]

75€ FULL PASS + 1 NIGHT on PC[Hotel Roca Esmeralda or Ap. Emerald Suites]

135€ FULL PASS + 2 NIGHTS on PC[Hotel Roca Esmeralda or Ap. Emerald Suites]

***** IMPORTANT*********

For the workshops we will have a capacity limit of 1,000 Full Passes...[last 4 editions sold out]



***** Where am I going? *****

The Hotel AR Diamante Beach in CALPE[ALICANTE] is one of the best hotels in Levante, spacious and fabulous facilities, fantastic food, competent and friendly staff and an enviable environment.... In addition to spectacular rooms, it has an immense spa, one of the most complete on the Costa Blanca with more than 5000 m2 of wellness. In recent years it has received the most important awards and awards in the sector[Best hotel in Europe for business meetings, Events and Conventions 2014 in the Condé Nast Johansens Awards for Excellence],[Best Beach Hotel, World Travel Awards Cerdenya 2015]. He was awarded as the Best Holiday Hotel 2013 and has been nominated for 6 World Travel Awards, the most important prizes in the tourism sector. Most recently, he has been nominated in 3 categories of the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2015 in Hong Kong (Luxury family hotel, luxury spa hotel and best hotel website) being awarded in the last one. A few months ago it was rated 4 stars higher and each year accumulate more and more awards and recognitions from both the tourism sector and the public who visit the hotel every weekend. That's why there are so many years celebrating our Escape in this hotel. For anyone who doesn't know him, you can check out his website

***** How do I book? *****

You can secure your place with a PRE-RESERVATION of 25€ until 1 JANUARY and liquidate your trip before 1 FEBRUARY. The pre-booking guarantees you the place[and that price] until that same day 1 FEBRUARY.

Reserve[or pre-reserve] ENTER at Caixabank ES03 2100 1942 93 0200141107. It is VERY IMPORTANT that each participant's name, surname and telephone number appear.

It is advisable to contact the organization to confirm the reservation and specify the distribution of the room or rooms in case of groups.

You can also book your Full Pass with or without accommodation through Cucumpa[WWW. CUCUMPA. COM] payment by bank transfer, credit card or paypal... Maybe we're not making it easy for you.

****** Further information ******.

Facebook: Ramon Pilar


652908880[ABUTMENT] - 652908880[PILLAR

Rumbaché - Ramon & Pilar located at c/ Archiduque Carlos 66b Valencia

- Cucumpa Phone: 640 376 710

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