Salsafestival Switzerland 2019 (18th Edition)

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From Friday 22 of February at 21:00 to Monday 25 of February at 07:00
Cuban Salsa - Rueda casino - Salsa - Salsa Caleña - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea
This event finished on 25 Feb 2019


Limmatstrasse 118,
8005 - Zurich


Rock solid - 18 years of experience

Salsafestival Switzerland is one of the worlds’ leading Salsa congresses. For the 18th time already, Salsafestival Switzerland presents the brightest stars, top show acts, an amazing selection of dance workshops as well as mind-blowing open-end parties on five dance floors powered by some of the best international Salsa DJs.

Salsafestival Switzerland is the ultimate meeting point for Salseros, Rumberos, Bachateros and Kizombeiros from all over the world.

The fantastic party location X-TRA Zürich is located in the hippest corner of Zurich and is surrounded by a range of inexpensive hotels.



Grupo Sabor Dinamico, ESP

Alberto y Andria, CUBA

Tropical Gem, IT

Adolfo y Lorenita, PER, MEX

Gabriel y Leticia, ARG

Supermario, UK

Leon Rose Project, UK, FR

Terry et Cécile, FR

Grupo Alafia, IT

Tamambo, DE

Euphoria Dance Company, NY, IT

Falco B, & Anmeris Martinez, SP, PR

Julio Rojas & Jessica Quiles, VE, PR

Dancefloor, CH

Alexander Martinez, CUBA, CH

Gaby y Estefy, ESP

Afro Latin Connection, PT

Tamba & Emanuela, FR, UK

Jacopo & Linda, IT

Mambo Ilk, DE

Manuel Mascarell & Christina, ESP

Marlon Int'L & Lida, USA, CH

Nano Hechevarria Project, Cuba

Yusimi Moya, Cuba

Laura del Vecchio, DE

Mambomania, CH

Liudmila Rodriguez, CH

Miajil Galano, CH

Kizzy Garcia, Cuba

Antony y Anaïs CH

Salsa y Dulzura, CH

Baila Rico, CH

Fuego y Pasion, CH

Issa Buanga, CH

Attila & Aurelie, CH

BailaDoro, CH

Bailamos Slasa, CH

Gozando Salsa, CH

CJ Dance Studio, CH

Salsabrosa, CH

Salsa Olè, CH


Julian Duke, UK

Willy, NL

Alexio, IT

Montuno, CH

Luca, CH

Rumbero, DE

Patrick el Clasico, CH

Mambo Ilk, DE

Dereck, CH

El Samurai, CUBA

Sabha, DUB

OJ Egypt, KWT

U.S. Thaler, CH

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