Summer Salsa Beach SBK 2022

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From Friday 19 of August at 16:00 to Sunday 21 of August at 16:00
Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Dominican Bachata - Kizomba - Salsa - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata - Urban Kizz
This event finished on 21 Aug 2022

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Mar 09
Barcelona , Evenia Olympic Resort
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Hotel Don Ángel
Carrera del Pla de la Torre, 14
08398 - Santa Susana
26 August 2022

copas muy caras y con poco alcohol, a las 4 ya cerraban la barra y no se podía tomar nada.

26 August 2022

El alojamiento precio calidad bien....Para ser un evento denominado SBK tendríais que cuidar un poco más la seccion de Kizomba y salsa....

Entiendo q la bachata predomina y está muy de moda pero los que somos salseros también nos gusta que nos avisen cuando todo el evento tanto en talleres como en la fiesta party el 80% será de bachata....

Un pequeño pongáis 3 salas de música ( una de bachata EXCLUSIVA y otra de KIZOMBA) si tenéis pensado centrar toda la noche una sala ( la más grande ) en poner 4 bachatas 2 salsas y 1 Kizomba ( toda la noche)....

Conclusión: COMO EVENTO de bachata un 10 tanto en talleres como en ell full pass party

En Salsa un 5 ( aprobado )

Kizomba ? Sin comentarios

REFLEXION: El próximo evento estaría BIEN poner las 3 disciplinas Mas equitativas SBK ...sino es así e insisto está de moda la bachata ANUNCIAR QUE ES UN EVENTO DE BACHATA....


25 August 2022

It has been a good experience. The dancers were amazing and the place awesome.

It would have been much better if the dancing rooms hadn't been that cold - the air conditioning was freezing! In addiction, it has been a pity that the Show and Salsanama ended much earlier then expected, so that I couwasn't able to watch none.

Finally, the pool part was suspended after one hour due to rain. I believe it could have been moved indoor - that means I didn't dance at all on Sunday.

In any case, people were amaing, and the quality of the classes totally fulfilled the expectations!

Despite thos flaws, I really hope to repeat the experience!

24 August 2022
22 August 2022

Las pool party incredibles !

Kevin el dj incredible!!!

Djs incredibles...

About dance everything was incredible!

Too bad they were not enough people you had to close the Kizomba and the small bachata room. Thats a shame a lot of friends of us didn't even know there is this event, we didn't see anything of Facebook, not a lot of promotion for this event...

About the hotel.

I am not used to complain, really not, but i won't come again in this hotel... It is my 3rd time in Don Angel and rooms are really not ok. Sheets and curtains are tattered ok you guys have great price for us and we are just here to sleep so the quality is bad but for one night ok... no need to make drama. But the bad thing was the restaurant, the food is really not great, not a lot of choice plus we had a fight with the team of the restaurant. First tile it happened to le in my entire life. They were bad with us because they wanted to finish fast, they were very disrespectfull it was crazy.

And also we have to talk about the security gards, they were everywhere.... If you go to the festival and meet a girl or a guy you are not allowed to let him in and sleep with him..... This is outreageous, Its the only hotel i know where they are so strict.

So no chance to share a drink with your friends in your room before the festival or no chance to have a lover for the night....

Now we will only go to Festivals at Evenia Olympic hostel the quality is much better unfortunatly.


After two editions of obligatory rest...The 12th edition arrives with the union of endless good energies.

SUMMER SALSA BECH 2022 by Latin Jam & BCN Sensual Family!!!

What better hotel in August to host this edition than the Hotel Don Angel in Santa Susana.

Incredible pools where we will be allowed to perform the best Latin foam parties known in part of the world.

Great family reunion for the first time in August where we will meet to spend a holiday the way we like it best, dancing non-stop.

Guest artists and instructors:

*Full Project

*Alfonso & Monica

*Dario & Sara

*Fabian & Fania

*Lau & July

*Yaiza Melero

*Rica Brothers

*Isaac Alcaraz

*Mario Layunta


*Angelo & Montse

*Rober & Denise

*Alex Morales

*Yexy & Alicia


*David & Lisse

*Gonza & Ivana

*Mireya Arizmendi

*Carlos Goya & Judith

*Jon & Laura

*Fabian & Douae

*Christian & Laura


*Dj Husky

*DJ Ned

*DJ Smile

*DJ Kevin

*DJ Antony

And many more...

We will have workshops, 100% bachata and 100% salsa social, after party, daytime social, pool parties, foam party and all the necessary requirements to make it the event of our lives.

Talk to your loved ones, book your place now and make sure you have an unrepeatable episode in our history, yours.

Don't let them tell you about it.

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