eSencia Bilbao Festival 2023

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From Friday 24 of February at 18:00 to Sunday 26 of February at 14:00
Bachata - Cuban Salsa - Dominican Bachata - Salsa On2 - Salsa en línea - Sensual Bachata
This event finished on 26 Feb 2023

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May 23
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Hotel Occidental Bilbao
Zumalacárregui Etorbidea, 40
48006 - Bilbao
02 March 2023

Ha estado todo genial. Lo hemos pasado de maravilla. Volveremos a repetir

02 March 2023
01 March 2023
28 February 2023

Esperando al siguiente!

Organización increible, ambiente magnífico.

28 February 2023

The (+) :

- Big room for the event

- Central stage for the teachers during the workshops.

- Good dancefloor.

- I thought that the workshops were great: good quality with good teachers, and well organized.

- The location was great too, right in the center of Bilbao.

The (-) :

- bad sound system. I expected a better sound quality. There were only 2 sets of speakers. For the price of the full pass, I expected 4 sets (1 in each corner). Because the sound only came from one side of the room, the music was played too loud, to the point that it was painful.

- DJ Husky was disappointing. In my opinion, that was the worst part of the event. I really enjoy some of DJ Husky songs (Pobre Corazón and most songs featuring Mario Baro)

However, I think that he is not a good DJ for socials for several reasons:

1. He removed the intro and outro of songs. Hello? This is bachata, not Ibiza electro music.

2. He was too talkative, and shouting in his mic, worsening an already bad and loud sound system

3. He turned the social into Gaby's personal karaoke for 20 min. Gaby is an awesome dancer/teacher, but I did not enjoy his covers of the songs. One song would have been ok, but not 4, and especially not for two nights in a row.

Knowing that, I would avoid congresses/festivals that feature DJ Husky in the future.

- Poor value for the price paid. Compared to other congresses/festivals in Spain, this was quite an expensive one (80€ full pass). Again the workshops were great but the socials were very disappointing, and for that pricetag it makes it very low value.

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Reference congress in the North of Spain, first class artists, workshops, parties, surprises, good atmosphere, guaranteed fun.



The refund will only be made in case the congress is cancelled. In any other case, only the name change of the attendee will be allowed, at a cost of €10.

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