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Academia de Danza Sanasartes

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The Health and Arts Center: SANASARTES, is a pioneer center in Spain in merging Arts and Health and take the benefits of these to increase, prevent and enjoy a better mental and body health of the person.

The project SANASARTES is created after a long journey in the world of dance associating and merging knowledge of: anatomy, nutrition, biomechanics, muscle relaxation, breathing and the amount of pleasant, positive and beneficial stimuli that movement and music can bring to the body and mind, directly relapsing into the health and well-being of the person. Thus creating its director the method SANASARTES. A method whose innumerable benefits are already being discovered by its students class after class: general physical well-being; it gives harmony, develops the intellectual capacity of the student by providing greater concentration, better organizational capacity, in turn strengthens bones and muscles, helps to reactivate blood circulation, the fixation of calcium in the bones and oxygenation, gives elegance, harmony, beauty in movement and posture, develops memory, balance and in general, physical and emotional well-being by the benefits that music and movement bring to the person.

The SANASARTES center has two teaching models:

1) Students who from the beginning wish to opt for fixed disciplines may do so until they are professionally trained if they wish, as in the case of Neoclassical dance and Classical Ballet, having the opportunity after the first phase of professional training to participate in festivals of the center and after the second stage of training and already in amateur degree to dance as amateur dancers in Galas with the Workshop Dance Company.

They can also opt for the fixed model of classes, students who love dance and want to enjoy their hobby or want to meet again with dance, or want to know that wonderful experience.

2) Students who wish to do the cycles of health and arts SANASARTES whose workshops are cyclical in summer, Christmas and some specific weekends a year that the center will always announce in advance, and that merges both dance workshops and techniques of Arts with health.

That's why we encourage you all!

Because "Dance is much more than taking a few steps": they are external but also internal steps of knowledge as people, dance is health, well-being, harmony, joy, spiritual beauty, life, dance helps us to overcome, to be better people, to face better and stronger any other facet or setback of our life. Dance helps us to find each other, to respect each other, to socialize, to breathe. "Dance is Health, dance is Life"

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Tuesday de 17:00 a 20:00

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