Every time we want to learn a new dance style like bachata, it is possible to reach an acceptable minimum level in a short time, a level with which you can dance bachata throughout a song with anyone, although girls always get it first.

To reach this level in a few months is essential to learn to dance bachata, practice a lot and train with professionals.

Yeah, I know that. Bachata is cool, it's trendy and there are more and more people dancing it and more places to practice your bachata steps.

With what if you want to be another person who enjoys this beautiful dance I will tell you 6 keys that you must fulfill to learn to dance bachata like a professional.

1. Form up by taking bachata classes at a dance school with professionals

It sounds silly, but it's very important to be taught to dance professionally. At first it doesn't seem to matter, but in the long run it is vitally important for your future as a bachatero or bachatera.

These dance teachers will not only teach you dance steps but how to interpret the music, how to follow the time, correct your posture, how to mark correctly and ultimately will give you the basis for you to continue training and improve your style.

In our School with Bachata Classes Finder you can search for bachata lessons in your city, book a test lesson and start dancing with professionals.

2. Feel the music, listen to bachata songs and follow the time

They say that in order to learn something new you must soak up and surround yourself with this new thing you are learning.

So listen to bachata songs, learn them, listen to changes in instruments, speed, tempo, and internalize this type of music so you can follow time almost without thinking about it.

In fact, it is very common to count the time until you have it very interiorized.

3. Internalize the basic steps of bachata

Learn the basic bachata steps of your dance class. Those ones you don't have to think about and they come out alone. Interiorize them so that in the very near future you can give free rein to your imagination.

Believe me, later on you'll see a bachata video or someone will show you a new move and you will.

4. Review the bachata videos recorded in class and in the workshops you attend

Many people record the class dance steps on their cell phones but then never see them again.

There's no use doing that. What you have to do is see it again, review it, study it, stop it if there is something that has not just come up and above all practice it.

If you're not gonna do it, you don't need to shoot any more videos... hehe.

There are many videos on the Internet that show you steps and combinations, but it's much better to have experienced it in person and then go over what you've done before.

5. Lose the fear of dancing and try new dance steps

All of us have been afraid at some point to take someone out or afraid of being asked to dance, haven't we?

Sometimes we think, what if I take him out and he knows more than me or the other way around, he knows less and I get bored. And the reality is that nothing happens, it's a very normal thing and it's good that it happens. It keeps you in tension.

This fear is to motivate you and not to block you. So count to three and dare. Once you are dancing, try your steps even if you don't remember very well, what will happen (if you don't get it) is that you will both end up laughing.

6. Go out dancing bachata and practice a lot

Finally something left me something I always recommend to everyone.

Go out dancing, practice as much as you can. The more you practice, the sooner you get better.

It is curious how in a few months there are people who improve a lot and there are people who do not improve so much and the main difference is that the first people go out to dance a lot more.

In short...

The keys to learning to dance bachata and any other dance are: learn with professionals, feel the music, review what you already know, don't be afraid to try new things and practice a lot.

If you are not yet enrolled in a dance school, we encourage you to look for your nearest dance academy in go&dance and go out to dance bachata today.

And finally we'd love to hear your story. We want to know what made you sign up for bachata dancing.

In my helmet, a few years ago I started dancing salsa and as I loved to dance as a couple, feel better and see that in the dance halls put more and more bachata songs that I loved, I decided to sign up for bachata classes and so it all started. I admit that it took a while before I dared to take the first girl out dancing, but once that challenge was over I couldn't stop.

How did you start bachata dancing? Tell us in the comments, please.

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 And finally we leave you with a 2 hour bachatera session with a selection of the best bachata songs from 2016 for you to play whenever you want.