From the day you decide to join a dance school to learn to dance salsa, this question arises: Cuban salsa or salsa in line?

It doesn't really matter to you when you start dancing salsa, because you don't know the difference between one and the other, and that's when you either join the one that suits you best, the one that suits you best by schedule, or you learn about the differences to see which one suits you best. To do this we are going to see what the 4 main differences are between dancing salsa in line and dancing cuban salsa.

5 differences between line salsa cuban salsa

1. The disposition of the couple at the dance

On the one hand, the line salsa, as its name implies, is danced in line (the girl moves along an imaginary line on the floor and the boy exchanges positions with her while they dance) and the Cuban salsa is danced in circles (while dancing in pairs the two dance around as if drawing an imaginary circle on the floor, although it doesn't really matter so much).

In fact, line salsa moves make the girl look better than the boy.

2. Difference in style (movements, ornaments and frills)

The style more focused on the spectacle of line salsa makes the girl's arms and hands a basic and fundamental part of the style and leads to the elaboration of very marked and characteristic gestures.

On the other hand, Cuban salsa is danced with movements of the whole body, regardless of the hands and especially the fingers.

3. Difference between rhythm and dance speed

The line salsa is loaded with energy and speed changes. There are many pauses, weight changes and cheating and the music is usually a little faster.

On the other hand, the speed of the dance is more constant in Cuban salsa.

4. The difficulties of each of the styles

In the line salsa you can find pirouettes and many twists in a row and in the Cuban salsa you can find complicated knots that are formed by intertwining the arms of the boy and the girl and that with impossible movements can be successfully untied and tasty.

So once I see what the 4 main differences are between online salsa and Cuban salsa (or Casino) I must say that there are not only these two styles of salsa. There are many more that we will detail later on as dance is something that is constantly evolving and is influenced by different currents. The thing is, it's all salsa in the end.

The nice thing about salsa is that wherever you go you can dance with anyone who dances salsa no matter what style they know as there are sure to be steps you both know and with an open mind you can learn from each other's style.

In fact, everyone has to form their own style, over time, let themselves be influenced by what they like best, because that's what makes salsa so rich, popular and fun.

So whether you like the more spectacular salsa (salsa in line) or the more casual salsa (salsa cubana) the important thing is that you learn to dance salsa.

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See the differences between dancing salsa online and salsa cubana in these videos:

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PS: Write us in the comments what is the style of salsa you dance and prefer....salsa en línea or salsa cubana?