Whether you're looking for a place to buy women's dancing suits, a pair of leggings to train, go to the gym or go out dancing, or to buy your next dress or entire outfit to wear on the dance floor, you've come to the right place.

Today we are going to tell you where you can buy these top quality dance clothes if you live in Barcelona thanks to the Paula Caliman clothing brand.

But before we tell you where it comes from, what kind of women's clothing they sell or what fabrics are most used for dancewear, we'll quickly tell you where you can get some top quality women's dance items.

Where can you buy quality women's dancewear?

There are many women's clothing stores in Barcelona. Just like there is a great variety of women's sports shops where you can buy leggings, monkeys, dresses, tops, skirts, etc...

But the truth is, there are very few clothing stores dedicated in a high percentage to making clothes for the dance.

This is because on the one hand the market for women who dance and want this type of dancewear is small and on the other hand, many stores already have the pre-established designs and are not always to the liking or need of the person.

The clothing brand Paula Caliman is located in Bellissima Boutique by Paula Caliman in Barcelona:

As the brand tells us, as a result of their extensive career, making and addressing the Latin public living in Barcelona, Spain and Europe, have known how to handle this field very well, basically because they know their origins, tastes and needs, women who are always looking for elegant, sexy and comfortable, when it comes to rumba.

Thanks to all this, the brand has specialized in making clothes to the taste and needs of the dancers, always looking for a balance between what they are looking for and what the brand can make for them.

Sometimes dancers want specific models, and also vary depending on factors such as the type of dance, the place, the climate and the type of person... among others.

But this is precisely where the brand stands out from the competition, as they are willing to please you and finally deliver a garment that meets your needs.

What is it and where does the Paula Caliman clothing brand come from?

The brand created by PAULA CALIMAN, was founded in Brazil 15 years ago, when they started making lingerie and lycra dresses for women.

From the beginning, they work with Lycra because it is a resistant material with great elasticity and beautiful textures that adapt easily to the shape of the body and are very comfortable for women.

Its brand and clothing store is based in Barcelona, for approximately 6 years, professionally located within the Latin market, as it is a sector with a wide demand for feminine, elegant, very sexy and brightly colored clothing and is also a sector that always seeks the highest quality, the best price and much exclusivity.

Little by little, Latin fashion has been gaining recognition among women of other nationalities, who see and see the benefits and advantages obtained by wearing this type of garment, and prefer them more for their use.

PAULA CALIMAN is a brand that sells directly to end customers and also manufactures clothes on demand for Latin shops, dance schools, dance teachers, dance school students, people who attend the gym.... all of them with exclusive designs of dresses, outfits, coveralls, sportswear, skirts, tops and other garments ideal for women to dance, move and enjoy comfortably.

What types of dancewear does the brand sell?

Paula Caliman, offers sports leggings, dance leggings, basics, dance monkeys, sports leggings, outfits, dance suits, tops, skirts and party dresses all for women.

In addition, and as we have already mentioned, the brand manufactures on demand short dresses, long dresses, skirt sets, leggings, tops, short skirts, long skirts, shorts and many other products.

1. Types of leggings for women

Nowadays, leggings are an indispensable garment in any girl's wardrobe. Their comfort and variety allow them to be worn on many occasions and at different events.

We can take them on a daily basis, for sports, to go to our classes in our dance school or simply to go out and party.

Paula Caliman's dance leggings are aimed mainly at girls who attend dance classes and dance teachers.

The following types of women's leggings are available in the Barcelona shop:

#1. Basic Leggins

Basic leggings for dancing and others that wear specific details in tulle or lace that can be used for presentations, shows or simply to wear a more elegant, attractive and comfortable garment when dancing.

leggings negros y top negro para mujer perfecta para bailar

 Top Negro y Leggings Negro Modelo Free.


 Top Negro y Leggings con estampado de flores.


Leggings lila para mujer más top para bailar e ir de fiesta

Top Negro y Leggings Negro Modelo High. 

#2. Leggins with girdles

It is a basic legging that has a powernet inside (fabric from which the girdles are made) and its purpose is to reduce the abdomen, enhance the buttocks and give an instant look of reduction of measures for women.

In the same way, these trousers can also have specific details if the person so wishes. The waistband can be single or double, depending on the person's taste.

#3. Leggins with zipper

Legging with a high waistband and a zipper in the centre of the waistband that allows the abdomen to be adjusted, giving a shaping sensation at the waist.


Top Negro y Leggings Azul con cremallera Modelo Cierre Blue (Ziper). 

#4. Sports Leggins

On the other hand, there are also sports leggings, aimed at people who mainly practice sports, go to the gym, run or like to wear this type of garment on a daily basis.

They handle leggings with two kinds of fabric for sports cars, suplex (known as the intelligent sports fabric) and lycra (a synthetic fiber of great elasticity and strength).

Leggings Deportivos Negros con franja amarilla. 

Leggings deportivos grises con detalles en rosa.

2. Overalls and party outfits ideal for dancing

The coveralls are elegant, original and a perfect garment to solve an attractive and modern look in a simple and fashionable way. Ideal for an appointment, an outing or even a formal event.

The monkey is a garment that every day has more followers, and likes among them for its maximum comfort and versatility of use.


 Mono Party Night de color negro. 

 Mono Estampado de colores tono multicolor. 

 Mono Estampado de colores tono azul. 

 Mono Black Girl de color negro liso. 

Mono Básico de color negro liso. 

Fabrics most commonly used for dance clothing

The most commonly used fabrics for dancing clothes are shiny, matt and printed Lycra, Suplex and Tulle, lace and velvet.

When practicing a dance, it is always important to wear appropriate clothing, quality clothing that allows complete mobility to the person who dances. For this reason, the use of materials such as Lycra and Suplex are perfect as they allow great mobility with maximum comfort and total confidence when performing certain movements with the body.

Tulle, lace and velvet are also used but almost always as an ornament on the garment, not in all cases of course.

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