Tell me something, do you spend a thousand hours combining models and preparing your suitcase to go weekend? Are you one of those who does not know what to take to a congress? Or, you love monkeys for dancing but you don't know when to wear them and when to buy them, do you?

If you want to stop thinking about what models to wear to a dance congress, the best option we recommend is the dance jumpsuits. The dance jumpsuits stylize the figure, are attractive, comfortable and there are a thousand and one shapes, prints and colors. Also, as there are so many varieties and brands of jumpsuits on the market the chances of someone wearing the same model are very low.

So you know, buy a dancing jumpsuit and show off your figure on the dance floor!


Types of women's jumpsuits for dancing

Jumpsuits in plain colours for her

Do you consider yourself a classic when dressing and love plain colors? If your answer is yes, jumpsuits with plain colours are perfect for you. So you know, choose the colour you like best and combine it with your dancing shoes.

Black jumpsuits

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See more details about this jumpsuit

See more details about this jumpsuit

Color jumpsuits

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See more details about this jumpsuit


Women's printed jumpsuits

If you are bored with plain colours and you are one of those who dare to wear combined colours and prints, here we show you some of the most top and daring prints on the market.

We can find jumpsuits with animal prints (zebra, leopard, ladybug and tiger), checkprinted jumpsuits, floral printed jumpsuits, jumpsuits printed with letters, among many others.

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See more details about this jumpsuit

See more details about this jumpsuit


What do you need to know before buying a jumpsuit to go to parties, congresses or dance classes?

If what you are looking for is to show off your figure, the dancing jumpsuit is one of the best options. As we have seen before, the options in terms of shape and color are several, and also take into account your comfort, as we can find various fabrics.

What material are dance jumpsuits made of?

We highlight 2 types of fabrics for jumpsuits:

  • Lycra. Dance jumpsuits are usually made of lycra. Lycra is a fabric that stands out for its elasticity and resistance. It is a very comfortable fabric to wear as it adapts to the body.
  • Cotton. Is another type of fabric very common in dancewear. In addition, this type of fabric is a little thicker than lycra, and therefore shelters more.


Recommended brands that sell dance jumpsuits and carry your favorite artists


Wild Theories

Move Dance Wear


Paula Caliman


If you are one of those who prefer to make the purchases of clothing in a single click, we recommend that you buy online. You can read this post where we share with you the best online stores of the present time. It is time that they bring you the clothes of dance to the door of your house!


What did you think of our great selection of dance jumpsuits? Would you like to buy a good dance monkey and take it to a congress?

Cover your body with one piece and dance! Ready to choose your favourite place and go out dancing as if there were no tomorrow?

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite monkey style: color, print, shape and brand. We'd love to add it to our list if we don't have it!

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We hope you liked it!