Many start dancing to try a new activity and in the end it becomes a lifestyle, and you are encouraged to discover the world of dancing.

Ignorance makes you think that congresses are for those who have a more advanced level, and you realize that they are accessible to all those who dance and love dance. The congresses are aimed at the general public.


Are you also one of those who escapes a bachata festival and comes back with a thousand and one stories to tell?

If you want to know some of the anecdotes or situations you may find yourself in, here I share my experience with you. Let's go!


#You take a hotel near the headquarters and realize it's better to stay at the headquarters

Are you one of those who takes a hotel near the venue and after all the congress you realize that it is worth paying the difference in price to be at the venue? If you can save a few trips and have everything in the same hotel, it is true that it is much more practical, isn't it?

In the end, the congress turns into a mini-camp where you have everything at your fingertips, dance classes, night parties, restaurant, your room and rest areas if you need it.

If you are going to a congress for the first time check out our tips to find out what to bring to a dance festival in your suitcase.

Hotel Evenia Olympic - International Congress Venue


#You end up so addicted to dancing that you're already thinking of buying your pass for the next congress or festival

And yes! You're in Congress and you're already thinking about going to another one. Also if you take the tickets in advance you can save a good sum of money. Many people plan their congress agenda in advance and take the tickets to buy them at the best prices.

Remember that you can always visit our website and buy your favourite pass from home.

BCN Sensual Weekend 3


#You decide to join a dance group, it's time to move on to the next level

Every night the great artists do their shows and local companies or dance groups have the opportunity to perform. The truth is that it is an entertainment and a joy to see them dance and shine on the dance floor. As a spectator you enjoy watching those performances, right?

Can you imagine what it would be like if you were dancing on stage?

During the congress you have the opportunity to talk to people, and you realise that you could also be one of them and perform on the floor. From there, you start researching and you know very well that you are also going to be part of a dance group and you want to act.


Marcelo y Belen [NEW Show] @ BACHATEA 2017


Extravagance Dance Company [Can't Hold Us] @ Bachata King Festival 2018


Barrio Latino SENSUAL NIGHT Show Ladies Style LambaZouk/Flamenco.ZoukLambada Bcn


#You know a thousand people you connect with and you also share a passion: dance

When you go to a dance congress you have the great opportunity to share and meet people from different places, and they also love and are passionate about dancing. You can go alone or accompanied, but the truth is that it doesn't matter because you know that I open a thousand dancers in the same place and you will meet new people.

Sharing the same passion is an easy way to open the door to create new connections and friendships.

This great experience teaches you that you can go alone or accompanied, as all dancers are open people and eager to meet and relate.

BCN Sensual Weekend 3


What happened to you when you went to a bachata festival? Share your experience with us, we want to know them all!