Some time ago I felt that I wanted to do something new, different, meet new people and I got into learning dance classes as a hobby and in the end it turned out that dancing changed my life.

I started taking salsa classes and little by little I discovered new styles like bachata and kizomba, until it became an activity that was part of my routine.

Evening outings with classmates and friends, daily classes, intensive dance days and then, thanks to go&dance, I discovered that there were thousands of dance events and festivals around the world!

que llevar en la maleta en un festival de baile

Every time I saw my friends come back from those big dance festivals, I saw that they came with new steps and very happy for their great experience.

Until the day came when I decided to go to one of those dance festivals and try it out.

And you know what? I loved it and since then I recommend everyone to start dancing and attend congresses, weekends or dance festivals.

If you've never been to a dance festival you probably wonder what to bring to a dance congress in your suitcase, right?

Today I'm going to explain the 10 essential things you have to take to a dance festival to make the most of your time.

The 10 things you can not miss in your suitcase to go to a dance congress

1# Your dance festival pass

Don't forget that you can buy your pass for any go&dance dance festival and take it downloaded on your mobile or on paper to speed up the accreditation.

2# Clothes for day and night (Evident!)

  • ­čĹÜDaywear (to attend the workshops it is always better to go comfortable, leggins, monkeys, sportswear, jeans, etc.).

  • ­čĹŚ Evening wardrobe (put on your best model for the best parties of every occasion)

  • ­čĹÖSwimsuit (especially for the summer season, as many festivals are in swimming pools)

  • ­čĹśPijama (it's the typical thing that with emotion everyone leaves behind). If it has ever happened to you, say so in the comments, brave!

3# Shoes to hold and shine on the track 

  • ­čĹáYou can't miss your dancing shoes (for super night parties)
  • ­čĹčBambas (to rest your feet during the day and enjoy all the workshops)
  • ­čĹíChanclas (for airing feet, for the shower, the beach or the swimming pool) 

(See how to choose your dancing shoes)

4# Toilet bag 

  • Quality deodorant (essential!!!!!!!!)
  • Cologne or Perfume
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Comb, lacquer and/or gel
  • In general that of personal use for your hygiene

5#For the girls - Makeup

For those dancers who love makeup, don't miss your good makeup case so you can get well coquette for the best night parties and day workshops.

6# Technology to record it all

Photo camera
Others: Selfie stick, Gopro, Ipad...

7# Mini First Aid Kit (just in case...)

Ibuprofen (in case of flies)
Patches compeed (you'll probably come out with a thousand blisters
Extras: Protection...

8# Shower towel and pool towel (don't take the hotel towel!)

Many people don't take a shower towel and when they have to go to the pool they use the hotel towel. But you will probably shower at least 2 times a day so you may run out of clean towels to take a shower so we recommend that you take at least one for the beach or pool.

9# A small backpack to carry plenty of water for the day

You can not forget your mini backpack or bag, which will accompany you throughout the day to the festival. And take a sweater or something that covers you a little because after sweating many times with the air conditioning can get cold.

10# Snacks and energy bars to hold on

So that you don't die of hunger between workshops, add some snacks, fruit and a good bottle of water so that you can recharge the energy that you will surely consume while dancing.

Now you have the best guidelines for preparing your suitcase for a dance festival.

What do you take to a dance festival that we haven't listed? Surprise us in the comments!


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