Are you one of those who spends half an hour in front of the mirror to choose which model to wear to go salsa or bachata dancing? Would you like to stand out with your clothes? It's time for you to choose different brands that offer products that are more exclusive and unique in their style. Today, you create your own style through what the market has to offer...

Although the leggins fashion is still an "outfit" of today, dresses are always a good choice and are still very popular and attractive for any party or evening event.

If you want to know which are the top models to go out and dance in social, in this post we give you the best advice and brand recommendations. Let's go GIRLS!

Go out and dance in your best dress and feel like the queen of the dance floor.

We all love to wear that super dress to wear it on the floor and dance as if there were no tomorrow. It is very important that you feel beautiful with your outfit but also that you are comfortable.

I'm sure you're one of those who opens the wardrobe and wonders - What do I wear tonight? Long dress? Short dress? Crop top skirt? Crop top skirt? Leggins? Or the easiest, most common and comfortable option: some jeans with a top.

But no! This time we want to motivate you to keep wearing dresses, and that's why we're going to show you different types for you to have new ideas of models and make those purchases you want so much.

Find the best party dress ideas in this post and before we go dancing we go shopping!


1# Plain or top dresses printed

The Galarina is a brand of Spanish dancewear. Your store is located at Granollers where they offer dance clothes for women, men, shoes and dance accessories.

Next we have chosen 2 styles of dresses very attractive and combinable for your nights more dancers:



Black is always and will always be a classic for the night. It is a color that stylizes much the female figure and is also very elegant. Easy to combine with any type of shoe and accessories.



And if you like to combine prints with black this dress is ideal for you! Put on a good lipstick and feel like the queen of the track!


2# Fallen dress with part of the shoulder uncovered

Noon is a young Spanish fashion brand. It is 100% created in Spain, which provides a strong added value. They have physical stores in Seville, Madrid, Malaga, and Valencia, as well as an online shop with shipments to national and international territory.

What do you think of this style of dress for going out dancing? Comfortable, attractive and different.


The fashion of the dress will always be top, although the skirts are also very stylish and a skirt can always be combined with any attractive blouse or mayot. Choose your favorite skirt model and dance all night!

You already have some ideas for types of dresses and skirts to go out and dance in social. If you also need to renew the clothes in your wardrobe, you know what you're up to... this weekend we're going shopping!

Now it's your turn! We want to know your opinion. And where do you buy your dancing clothes? Collaborate with us and share your suggestions in the comments.


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