It is well known that dancing has many benefits. Benefits such as maintaining physical fitness, reduce stress, be more agile, improve your posture, make friends and why not get to know a “friend”.

But what happens when you join a school with dance classes like salsa, bachata, kizomba, zumba, tango or Sevillanas?

If you do so you will live incredible experiences with people you have recently met. In fact, I am sure you will live the next 6 things of social dance.

1. Take to dance a stranger and connect perfectly well

When you dance salsa, bachata, Kizomba or any other social dancing, you go dancing at a dance hall and you get the courage to take to dance a stranger. There comes a day, without being an expert dancer, you realize one thing.

You realize that no matter where the person becomes that when you both dance she will follow you, you will have fun and you will understand each other amazingly well.

At that moment you say to yourself, "this dance is amazing, I love it!".

2. Being completely exhausted, hear a song and start dancing like there is no tomorrow

There is a day that you are having a great time but you are exhausted. Your legs and feet hurt, or you just want to go to sleep to rest, but suddenly it sounds the song you love, and you start dancing again and you forget your pain and tiredness.

At this point, you realize that the human body endures a lot and if you do something you love, pain and fatigue disappear.

3. You get to know a lot of people in a short time with similar tastes

It is no secret that if you sign up to dance you will meet many people. Not only will you know your classmates, but the whole dancing world behind.

One day you will be in a group of WhatsApp, you will go out to dance, you will make more friends, you will go to a congress or your group will grow and slowly change.

And perhaps a bit of dancing will help you to know "the person".

4. You realize that when you dance you are less stressed and you smile more

Several studies attest it but without going any further, when you dance you just feel good. You feel great, cheerful, light and amazingly happy.

Why do you feel so good?

Go out and dance and you will find out.

5. You keep dancing for a while and you see that your physical appearance has improved

Attend to dancing classes, go out to dance and have fun is the best way to be in shape.

Clearly not all dancing styles are the same, but for example dancing salsa several times a week is sure that it will help maintain and even improve your physical shape depending on the frequency and the time that you dance while you are in a party.

6. You realize that having fun in the world of dance is very cheap.

Sign up for dance classes, go dancing several times a week every week, go to dance several congresses and festivals each year, buy a pair of dancing shoes and clothes for dancing. It seems incredible, but it is not expensive if you compare it to many other hobbies and it also gives you a lot more for your physical, emotional and social well-being.

So, we encourage you to sign up for dance lessons, buy your tickets and go dancing to have a great time.

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