Move, either individually, in pairs or in groups. There are many types of dance.

The physical and mental benefits that dancing can bring you are fully demonstrated.

To begin with, the first thing is that you choose what you prefer among the different dance styles. What do you like to dance? I'm sure you've always had a favorite dance, what is it? There's a lot of variety.

By the way, if you want to go dancing, find the dance hall nearest you.

You may also have fears about starting dance classes or enrolling in an academy. You think everyone will look at you? And they'll even laugh at the way you move, at some kilo you've got left over, at the face you put on when you dance without knowing.... But all that won't happen. Those who will accompany you in class have started like you, they know that it is a matter of progressing. You'll only get help from them.

Dave Barry said a phrase that sums it all up:"Nobody cares if you don't dance well, just get up and dance. You don't have to be an expert in any discipline or style. There are many ways to dance, all of them personal and distinctive. Dance, have fun and enjoy, just like that!

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a nadie le importa si no bailas bien, solo levántate y baila 

Nobody cares if you don't dance right, just get up and dance.

There is no minimum age from which you can start dancing.

At what age did you start dancing? At what age do you plan to start now, would you like to learn a new style? Courage!.


You will enjoy multiple benefits in all types of dance

It has been shown that dance is an excellent therapy against disorders that affect our organism, and to control the emotions we have.

Dancing will strengthen your muscles, increase your physical endurance, without suffering fatigue and other effects.

Cardiovascular benefits. Dancing will lower your blood pressure, eliminate cholesterol and improve circulation in your body.

Do you need to lose weight? Dancing is one of the best ways. If you are choosing style, and eliminating those extra kilos is one of your goals, you have to choose a rhythm that is cheerful, dynamic. It is possible to lose weight and have fun at the same time if you know how.

Brain health. The effects of dancing also reach our brains. Our memory will remain more active, and the risk of future degenerative diseases is lower.

Psychic well-being. For those negative emotions that we can all have in our daily life, fruit of depression, stress, anxiety, etc..

Expressive sensations. The dance is a perfect channel for the expression of emotions and to achieve a better self-esteem and confidence. It's a way to increase self-esteem and security.

Dancing will make you more flexible, agile and better coordinate your body.

If you don't dance often, and are looking for an activity different from what you've done so far... join dance classes.

Dancing is a wonderful way to overcome loneliness, isolation and shyness, and establish new social relationships. You'll meet new people, and the passion for dancing will be the perfect bond.

A pickup vehicle. Are you looking for a date? In a dance school there are many people who go individually, and they don't have a partner either. Dance will be the ideal channel. But you can also go to party halls and dance with people you can get to know a little better.

A channel to be happy. Have you ever seen anyone dance with a sour face? It's not the usual thing. The natural thing is to smile and laugh while dancing.

Examples of the benefits of different types of dance
A study carried out in Mexico by the website "Women's Health Mexico" has associated a type of dance for every need.

According to this study:

For beginners, modern online dance classes such as hip hop and soul are the easiest to follow, thanks to their repetitive movements.

Zumba is a perfect dance to burn many calories, among other things because of the intensity of its rhythm.

Swing is a perfect dance to improve your mood.

You want to dance like Shakira, sway and shake your hip? Belly dancing is your dance. In addition to being a very sensual dance, it is ideal for your hips, waist and legs.

Bollywwod dance, based on traditional Indian dances, serves to tone muscles, improve coordination, and make a good energy distribution.

The ballet is based on leg and arm positions with which you will enhance flexibility while toning your muscles.


What about Latin rhythms and their benefits?

Among all types of dance, Latin rhythms such as salsa and bachata, in addition to being fully fashionable, bring you joy of life, and will help you improve your physical stamina.

These Latin American-style dances are rich in rhythm, require the body to be moving, and bring many benefits to your body and mind. To dance salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha cha, etc., you have to take quick steps, perform hip movements, coordinating with arm and leg figures, so that your whole body moves.

Besides, it's about fun dances, to enjoy.


In conclusion and your opinion
Don't wait any longer. Whatever dance you choose, whatever style. Smile, relax, get ready for a world of fun, having fun, meeting other people, and get many benefits your body needs.


What's your experience with dancing? What style do you like? Tell us what you think about what you read. If you liked this article, share it.