Would you like to start dancing tango but don't know where to start and want to know the basic steps of tango for beginners? If so, read on!

You love tango and would like to learn to dance it but you don't know where to start and tango lessons give you too much respect?

Quiet! In this post we give you all the tips to start dancing tango from 0, lose that fear and you can enjoy tango on the dance floor, a style with lots of class, elegance and passion.

Now it's your turn to discover the dance of hugs with elegance! Let's go!

1# Start by learning the easiest tango moves

We can consider that to learn to tango you must know three basic movements: posture, walking and hugging.

The posture

To understand how the tango posture works, in the blog of "Mi Escuela de Tango", they say the following: "The main reason to give value to your own body posture is that in the Tango when embraced, the posture of each dancer is determinant in the comfort of the other and in the aesthetics of the couple.

For example, looking at the floor is equivalent to invading the space of the other, transferring weight to the other and making it possible to lose its axis.

This simple and common example is one of the many aspects that show that the modification in the structure of one of the dancers affects the other and attempts against the aesthetics and stability of the couple."

Clases de Tango | Gabriel y Carolina

The caminata

In this same blog, they also tell us the correct way to do the walk: "In tango you must master the transfer of body weight from one leg to the other, with a straight back and relaxed shoulders, because it is what allows us to interact with our companion and be able to follow the compass, make cuts and figures without losing balance and body posture."

Pasos básicos del tango - La caminata

The hug

They also explain in detail the correct form of embrace: "Confronted man and woman, the man with his right arm, embraces the woman by the waist.

Locking the angle of his elbow to the size of the woman and gently bringing her closer to his body. So the bodies will join torso to torso.

The arms that remain free (left for the man, right for the woman), will naturally join palm to palm at eye level.

The woman will embrace the man by the neck warmly. And they will both support cheek to cheek looking towards the intertwined hands, forming an angle of 45º."

Pasos de tango | Cómo bailar tango - Tuiwok Talento

2# Listen to tango music in your free time

Learning to dance is as important as musicality. You have to understand the music and feel it to be able to express it with your body.

Would you like to add the best tango songs to your playlist? Here we share with you the best 10 tango songs and lyrics to dance to. So that you are up to date with the best hits of the present and the history of tango, you will surely love them!

Remember, to learn to dance tango, listen to tango!

3# Watch Youtube videos of tango dancers and discover new steps

In Youtube there are a thousand and one videos, from how to learn to dance tango, shows, live classes and much more.

Take advantage of all the content there is on the web, soak up the expression of tango in different environments and discover the different ways of dancing tango. Below we recommend these videos:

Michael Nadtochi & Eleonora Kalganova (3) - Toronto Tango Festival 2017

Tango Pasión, París 1997 (Show Completo)

Simone Segatori - Anette Sudol | Welttanz-Gala Baden Baden 2017 - Tango Show

4# Go see a live tango show and feel the ultimate passion for this dance

And yes! After watching a thousand videos on Youtube or dance programs, it's time to move on to the next level. Now you have to go see a live tango show.

Seeing the dancers in their dance costumes passionately dancing a live tango piece is something you can't explain. It's totally wonderful to be able to feel their energy, love of tango and elegance dancing.

In addition, this will allow you to meet experienced people from the world of tango, and surely you can learn information about good schools or even meet one or another dancer who will explain their experience dancing tango to you.

Would you like to read a real experience? Angel Largo explains in first person his own experience, all an inspiration and motivation. Don't miss it here.

It is always good to be surrounded by what you most want, and in this case, tango lovers. Dare and enjoy!

El Viejo Almacen - Tango show in Buenos Aires

And if you have the opportunity to travel to Argentina take the opportunity to attend a live show. Did you know that Argentina is nominated as the country par excellence to learn to dance tango?

5# Sign up for tango lessons!

Now all you have to do is take the last step...try those tango lessons you've been waiting for so long!

With or without a partner, go to your nearest school and sign up. Remember that in the academies there are always thousands of people with whom to dance and practice, and in the classes you always rotate your partner.

At the school you will meet people who share your interests, in this case, dancing tango!

We recommend you go for a day to try a tango class to see how you develop dancing this style.

You will probably need to take a few classes to start feeling that connection to tango but once you learn the basic steps you will feel more confident.

It's obvious that it won't be easy at first, but you already have more than 50 percent gained if you have motivation and desire, then it's just a matter of practice and mastering the proper techniques of posture, hugging, walking, etc.

Taking classes also involves going out dancing, so catch up with the best dancing places in your city.

Image of Buenos Aires Ciudad

Now you have the best tips to start dancing tango from 0. Follow our guidelines and you can be another dancer dancing and enjoying the dance floor.

And you, what have you done or will you do to enter the world of tango and start dancing from 0? We can't wait to read your experience!