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Estilo Swing

Burgos, Burgos
Our swing dance academy specializes in swing dances from the 20s to the 50s: Lindy Hop, Boogie-Woogie, Blues, Shag and others. We currently run various regular courses and workshops, having been pioneers in the introduction of new techniques and styles.For us teaching these dances is like teaching to speak a...

Estudio de Ballet Villa Pilar 2

Burgos, Burgos
We are the Villa Pilar 2 Ballet Studio, a dance academy in Burgos that offers courses in: Classical ballet (academic degree Royal Academy of Dance). Spanish dance. Flamenco. Sevillanas. Ballroom dancing. Gim - fitness. Gim-jazz. Write to us for more information.

Estudio de Danza Arabesque

Burgos, Burgos
Dancing is feeling and discovering movement through the body, we are all different and, therefore, we feel differently. If you want us to help you discover your own movement.Classical Dance (initiation, intermediate, advanced and professional)Contemporary Dance (initiation, intermediate and advanced, for children...

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