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Blanco y Negro Studio

Madrid, Madrid
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Welcome to Blanco y Negro Studio, the first School of Madrid, specializing in Lindy hop, Balboa, Rock & Roll, Blues, Shag, Hustle, Shim Sham, Big Apple & Jitterbug Stroll, which opened its doors for the first time in December 2007. Don't hesitate and come...

Swing Les Corts

Barcelona, Barcelona
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Swing The Parliament is an association, non-profit, very tiny but with a desire to remedy-the court in The district of les Corts!! Born for Festival 2014 with the aim of encouraging and spreading of the Swing music and the Swing dances (Lindy Hop, Balboa, Shag, Blues, Xarleston...) in...

A Ritmo de Swing

Madrid, Madrid
We give Swing classes. And you may wonder... what is this? Well, Swing really is the kind of music we dance to. A style of jazz that originated in the United States in the late 1920s and was on the rise until the 1950s. During this time there were hundreds of dance styles but those that have survived to this day...

Swing Maniacs - Gracia

Barcelona, Barcelona
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Swing Maniacs is one of the most influential dance schools on the Barcelona scene, offering all styles of dance classes with swing music and boasts a large number of students. At Swing Maniacs you can learn Lindy Hop (swing) for children, teenagers, adults and older students; charleston, tap, balboa, blues, hip-hop,...

El Temple del Swing

Barcelona, Barcelona
Swing Barcelona was born in 2006 with the spirit of teaching Swing to everyone who loves this music and would like to learn its dance. Since then many have been the Templars and Templars who have shared our enthusiasm and knowledge for good Swing in our meeting space, The Temple of Swing (The Temple of Swing).We are...

Big Mama Swing

Madrid, Madrid
Big Mama Swing is a vintage dance school located in the center of Madrid and dedicated mainly to the different dances of the swing. For this reason, the disciplines we teach are centred on dances from the golden age of swing and jazz, between the 20s and 50s in the USA: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues and Jazz...

mrDance Escola de Ball

Girona, Gerona
The mrDANCE School of Dance is a multidisciplinary dance centre with specific teachers for each modality. A space where you can learn to dance in a magical atmosphere, enjoy the movement with music and socialize.. You can learn different styles such as couple, individual, salon, swing or Latin rhythms.

Castellon Baila Escuela

Castellón de la Plana, Castellón
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If you are eager to learn to dance you are in the right place. At Castellon Baila, we teach dancing to all types of people, from children to adults. Anyone who wants to enter the world of dancing, just visit us and discover the different dance modes that we can offer. Castellon Baila stands out for its salsa...

XaviSwing Escola de ball

Barcelona, Barcelona
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We are XaviSwing Dance School in Barcelona, a dance school specialized in Swing rhythms and we have professional teachers that teach classes of many disciplines such as Musical, Milonga, Tango Argentino, Balboa, Be Teacher, Blues, Lindy Hop, Musicality, Shag, Line Dance, Salsa, Footwork, SoloJazz, Commercial Dance,...

Hophop Swing

Granada, Granada
Hophop Swing is a dance school based in Granada specializing in Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz, Shag and other disciplines related to Swing culture.We are always training to offer you new challenges and trying to create a community of dance enthusiasts beyond the classroom.Our purpose is to bring together people from all...

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