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Blanco y Negro Studio

Madrid, Madrid
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Welcome to Blanco y Negro Studio, the first School of Madrid, specializing in Lindy hop, Balboa, Rock & Roll, Blues, Shag, Hustle, Shim Sham, Big Apple & Jitterbug Stroll, which opened its doors for the first time in December 2007. ...

Woodside Jazz

Madrid, Madrid
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Woodside Jazz is a small family dedicated to enjoying and teaching the rhythms of Swing music.If you want to come and meet us, write to us and come and try! For more information, you can visit our website or write to us at woodsidejazz@gmail.comYou can also follow our daily activity on social networks, especially on...

A Ritmo de Swing

Madrid, Madrid
We give Swing classes. And you may wonder... what is this? Well, Swing really is the kind of music we dance to. A style of jazz that originated in the United States in the late 1920s and was on the rise until the 1950s. During this time there were hundreds of dance styles but those that have survived to this day...

Big Mama Swing

Madrid, Madrid
Big Mama Swing is a vintage dance school located in the center of Madrid and dedicated mainly to the different dances of the swing. For this reason, the disciplines we teach are centred on dances from the golden age of swing and jazz, between the 20s and 50s in the USA: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Blues and Jazz...

Big South

Madrid, Madrid
Big South is a swing school with a lot of conscience. We express it through swing music, its dances and its origins. The common tool in this team of teachers and professionals is the healthy and fair integration of art into the life of the social movement.Big South was born in 2012 as an exciting project and an...

Swing Maniacs - Madrid

Madrid, Madrid
Swing Maniacs was born from the hand of Jana Grulichová and Jordi Mundet, two swing lovers. Their passion for this dance has led them to travel the world and participate in several international workshops, which has given them a knowledge and extensive experience in the world of swing. With the creation of the...


Madrid , Madrid
AfinArte is a select group of teachers, professionals dedicated to the teaching of Music and Dance in particular and to the diffusion of Culture and the Performing Arts in general. In the combination of Culture and Teaching, it looks for the way so that its methodologies lead the student to reach his or her objective.

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