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Salsa Casino Ourense

Ourense, Ourense
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The salsa casino or salsa cubana is a typical Caribbean dance that began between the 50s and 60s on the island of Cuba. It is usually danced in wheel, forming what we know as Cuban Wheel or in single couples. As a style of dance its main characteristics are:It is an animated, fun and rhythmic dance style. When...

Escuela de Danza Estilo Libre

Ourense, Ourense
The Escuela de Danza Libre is located in Ourense and offers a multitude of dance styles for people of all ages and conditions; for those who want to dance for fun or for those who want to have fun dancing, for them, for those here and there, for the young and for those who are not, for those who are alone and for...

Cuatro Pasos - Escuela de Danza

Ourense, Ourense
Cuatro Pasos - Escuela de Danza is a school located in Ourense, which was born with the illusion of creating a space in which to share with our customers the passion of dancing. Open every day from Monday to Friday from 5pm to 10pm, we offer a multitude of dance styles, from Latin rhythms and ballroom dancing, to...

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